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Name/Version: MIDI File One Shotter -too 1.3
Author: manysounds  
Description: Simple:
Assign MIDI files to keys by dropping them on the keys you want to fire them off. Press a key, play a MIDI file! Synced to tempo, saves the file location.

Why? To be able to play multiple midi clips on a single instrument at the same time. The original cause for making this was to be able to fire off LED patterns on a Quneo easily and overlapping-ly. Since conception I've found many other uses for it, drum loop machine being the obvious one but the list is huge for application.

This is the 'more advanced version' which responds to sustain pedal and will loop the .mid file as long as the key is held or the sustain pedal is depressed. Yay! If your playing files that have CC changes in them be careful. The best way to avoid issues with that is have it in "play once" mode with the sustain on because if it gets interrupted mid-file it could produce some unwanted results.

#1 --------.mid files end at the last note-off message (or cc message) and as a result if you have a 4 bar loop but don't have a note that ends at the last tick in the 4th bar's measure then the loop will not stay synced to "the 1". I was considering a work-around but... it's better this way for more flexibility.

#2 --------Max's "seq" object is integrated a little oddly into the MaxForLive environment. Because of this "feature" some clips that come from outside of Ableton may not play in their original form. Simply drop them into an Ableton clip slot and then "Export MIDI clip..." and they'll play fine after that. This is fine, I guess, because maybe you get to do a little edit and rename them...

#3--------Occasionally clips that aren't quantized nicely will actually gank Ableton's clock. No kiddin'. Stick to nicely quantized stuff and you'll be fine OR see how far you can push it. I completely lost 4 BPM playing something simple that was just timed really strangely. It may have something to do with re-sizing the content.... Not sure. Not "exactly" an issue. Anything that's been played naturally or written in seems fine... trying to repeat this bug, unsuccessfully.

Here is the "simple" version:

v1.0 Born
v1.1 Added Sustain and Loop toggles
v1.2 STUPID bug fix, sorry
v1.3 Click to play! Also, retriggering loops won't leave LEDs/notes hung from interupted pattern

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Downloads: 1389
Tags drum, sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.1.26
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Nov 12 2013 22:44:42
Date Last Updated: Nov 18 2013 22:55:07
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: MIDIFileOneShotter-too.amxd


Is it possible to drop MIDI-clips instead of native MIDI-files on the keys? I don't want to export MIDI-clips and than drop them.

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