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electric sound, electric art. Slicing Beats since 1998, jamming with bands since the 1980ies.

Mission: Designed music, minimal, keeping it simple but funky
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Cool, cool, COOL! Just what I need! Thanks for the time and effort.

Thanks! I'm not share that I understand all the control, but that may be what glitch is for, right? :)

Is it possible to drop MIDI-clips instead of native MIDI-files on the keys? I don't want to export MIDI-clips and than drop them.

I'm looking for a kind of sidechained compressor, which mutes MIDI notes on track 1 when another MIDI note from track 2 is coming in via the sidechain. Like an audio compressor but only with MIDI.
Does your device has this function? From the picture alone, I'm not sure...