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Name | Version: Spektro CV Devices 1.0
Author: IcaroFerre
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Bundle of 5 devices made for controlling analog / modular synthesizers in different and fun ways.

In order to use these devices, you'll need a way to send analog signal from Ableton to your synth. You can do this via modules such as the Expert Sleepers ES-3 and ES-4 or using an audio interface with DC-Coupled analog outputs.

Devices included:

- CV Toolkit Pro:

This is the Pro version of the already available (and free) Spektro CV Toolkit.
The Pro version features different operations (with different sources) for the 2 channels (left / right) and advanced options that allow you to reset the LFOs via Midi / Ext Gate, set the AD2 Delay to the total time of AD1, gate the output, and send and receive EXT Gate to and from the other Spektro CV devices.

- Voltage Pads:

This device, inspired by the MakeNoise Pressure Points module, uses 4 Pads (A, B, C and D) to send a pair of bipolar CV offsets (1 and 2) to your modular. In other words: Pad A sends A1 (left channel) and A2 (right channel), Pad B sends B1 (left channel) and B2 (right channel) and so on. This device comes with a Lemur template that you can use to control the device from your iPad.

The pads can be trigger manually (by clicking on them), via MIDI or via OSC (using the Lemur template).

- Biased Switcher:

The Biased Switcher is a Max Audio Effect device that works similarly to the Mutable Instruments Branches module. When triggered, the device flips a virtual coin to decide if the incoming stereo signal will be outputted normally (left input to left output, right input to right output) or inverted (left input to right output, right input to left output). You can also bias the coin, increasing the chances of outputting the signal normally or inverted.

- CV Switcher / CV Crossfader:

CV Splitter allows you to split a channel into 2 outputs based on polarity (negative signals go to output ch. 1 and positive signals go to output ch. 2). It has 3 different modes: Neg - Pos (normal), Inv Neg - Pos (inverts negative signals so both outputs are positive), Neg - Inv Pos (inverts positive signals so both outputs are negative).
CV Crossfader lets you crossfade between the 2 input channels (L and R). The device outputs a linear crossover through channel 1 (L) and a zero crossing crossover through channel 2 (R).

All the devices work independently however they can also be used in conjunction. For example, you can use the Voltage Pads to send EXT Gate to the CV Toolkit Pro ADs.

The Spektro CV Toolkit bundle is great for synth owners that are looking for ways to digitally control their analog instruments. The devices can also be used together with already existing solutions such as the Expert Sleepers Silent Way and the MOTU Volta.


CV Toolkit is now also available as a standalone application for both Mac and PC :)
Check it out at


Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Oct 30 2013 07:50:48
Date Last Updated: Apr 29 2019 21:24:04
Downloads: 4

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License: Commercial
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this is great thank you!
This is a commercial product, so please change the license type in the description accordingly.
Ability to buy this has disappeared from website.

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