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Name/Version: Beat Chop Live 1.0
Author: sharp  
Description: A MaxforLive device that performs real-time 'Slice to Midi' on internal or external audio.

Designed as a production tool to speed up workflow and as a live tool for jamming with other musicians or a DJ.

Grab the other person's audio and play along with them.

- Sample and playback Live clips or incoming audio/turntable/band instantly.
- Midimap or midi note triggers. Up to 16 pads or 3 octaves on a midi keyboard.
- Internal tap tempo, note repeat, gate.
- Change pitch/time independently (grainstretch) or simultaneously (turntable style).

** UPDATE ** - MIDI Device for MIDI input from a midi track (For sequencer/monome , arpegiator etc):

Demo Videos:

Note - This device uses the Win & Mac External grainstretch~ by Time Rozendal. This should be automatically included in the download file here (device has been frozen). Otherwise, DL here:

Device Details

Downloads: 3403
Tags sampler, glitch, dj
Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jul 24 2013 16:42:33
Date Last Updated: Aug 27 2013 09:38:29
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

Device Files

Device File: BeatChopLive(v1.0).amxd


wow, can't wait to check this out!

Looks awesome! Would it be possible to turn the 1-8 triggers into a sequencer of some sort. Playing it MLR monome-style

@ Fippe. This is possible. You can trigger the pads using midi from a midi track or real time input (i.e. not midi map). Actually that requires a separate Midi-In device, I will upload shortly.

I dig this thing. Looking forward to being able to sequence it from a midi channel. Any chance of being able to tweek the grain size on the stretch function?

@johnisfaster , Fippe
now I have uploaded the MIDI IN midi device. This means you can use a midi clip or another sequencer to trigger the pads. Enjoy:

This is the most useful patch I've found here, extremely creative. Congratulations!
One thing I would love to have is momentary switch also for the repeat mode so I could have a sample repeating as long as I hold down the pad instead of continuously. Does it make any sense?

By the way settings don't get saved in live 8.

@obliquo thanks for the feedback! Momentary repeat is not possible with an audio device because you are very limited the midi you can pass to the device via midi-map .
BUT - it is a great idea, so let me have a think about a possible workaround.

+ New Version coming soon - please me know any suggestions +

You, my friend, are a GENIUS! Fantastic devises. Pure creativity boost right here!
Thank you so much for sharing your time and labour for free!!!
God bless.

Cool device!
I want to use this when i'm dj-ing. At the moment i'm using this in Live 8. I'm having trouble that the pads are never quantized when i play them from a controller.
I thought the input triggers are quantized, or am i wrong?

Hello ! Awesome device, thanks a lot for the hard work !

One thing though : is it me, or is the audio input / output mono ? I can't seem to find a way to get stereo from Beat Chopper when feeding it stereo signals.

Thanks !

Thanks for the feedback everyone. New version coming soon,

Boombleep - new version will be stereo

Zeep - the pads aren't quantised, thougb you can use repeat mode for a regular rhythm (machine gun style builds etc)

Update still coming, feel free to shout here or on youtube for updates ;-) (youtube link in above description)

Hi and thx for the device, sharp.

I follow the instructions that you put in the "help" section of the device, but when i touch de pads, no sound.

I use Live 9.1.7 64 bit.

I load the device in a audio track, play a clip... "rec" in the device and after a seconds, "play". Then i touch the pads, but it seems that nothing has been recorded.

Thank you for what you can tell me.

Thanks for the comment. Do you know what version of max fpr live you jave installed?

Are you using PC or Mac?

I think there is a problem with the granulator/timestretch code on 64bit. I will probably make a basic version without timestretch (you will still be able to slow down the sample but the pitch will change - like a turntable)

Hi and thk for fast answer.

My max for live versi?n is 6.1.

I'm using PC, Windows 7 64 bit.

Too bad you have to limit in functions, but if that is the solution... I and other people can use the device.

Whatever it is, thanks for the effort.

Update when are you coming? :-)

Hi obliguo,

it is basically ready. I was just testing some bugs and streamlining the user interface, but I might just get an update here and just get feedback from people directly.

Hi anyone reading this. New update is actually still ready, feel free to contact me at: j sharp seven-the-number at gmail com

Just want to thank you for all the comments in the patch. Really instructive, and all patches should be as documented as this. It turns it to a really pedagogical device.

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