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MIDI Clip Looper Version 0.1
BeatChopLive - MIDI IN module Version 1.0
Beat Chop Live Version 1.0
FreqOut - midi Version 1.0
FreqOut - audio Version 1.0
iBend and iMod - pitchbend -modwheel replacement Version 1.0
Octave Wrap Version 1.0
Dead wood - blank knobs and buttons Version 1.0
Move Clip Grid - Launchpad - Push - move red box Version 1.9.1
Live Looper Visuals - Large screen looper state Version 1.0
MetaMidi Version 2.0
Track To Clip Renamer Version 1.0
Beat Chop Live v1.5 Version 1.5
Quiq Seqs Version 1.0
Quiq Seqs - tempo sync Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 18,286

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New version available here
Works on new Macs. Removed Grainstretch~ external. Polyphonic and in Stereo.

@zengel - glad it's working and you're enjoying it!

Interesting, I will check, it sounds like a bug. Can I just check:

You're updating the drop down list.
Then you select a track.
Then when you trigger that preset it goes to the track BUT the scene always go to the first scene.

You want it to remain on the scene it is already on.

I never considered this option. It would be possible to make an update that does this. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but perhaps I can try and have a look (or find a simple solution).

couple of questions.
1. How big is your live set, how many scenes and how many tracks?
2. Are you using this for DJ work, or a different type of live performance?


@pitbull - hi, thanks for the download and comment.
I haven't opened the patch in about 5 years. Due to other work and commitments I won't be able to make an update.
MaxForLive and Live gets updates and that occasionally breaks things with old patches unfortunately (I don't have a mac to test on either).

I imagine someone else has made a better version of this somewhere. The UX wasn't very simple making performance work with this a little difficult.

Thanks Ramses. I'll look into the new bug, I've not come across that yet.

@Vinch02 - Thank you for letting me know. What hardware controller are you using? (Oush, Launch pad, and which exact model)?

I won't be able to look at a fix until next weekend 7 May. I don't know what the problem is unfortunately. I will refund in the meantime.

@Ramses - sorry I think I missed your message, it seems you have the same problem as Vinch02.

I will try and apply the same fix for scenes to tracks.

Keep the bugs coming in please, it makes the device better.


I just tested version 1.9 of Move Clip Grid on Live 11, Push 2, Win/PC and it works with 200 scenes.

Have you changed anything else in your setup? Did it work before?

If you right click on the title of the max device then select 'Open Max Window', then take a screenscot maybe we can work out the issue. Did it work before? Have you changed anything else in your set up?

200+ scene test video:


I have just tested the device with Live 11 and Push 2 PC/Win, all working fine. Here's a video. If you right click on the title of the max device then select 'Open Max Window', then take a screenscot maybe we can work out the issue. Did it work before? Have you changed anything else in your set up?

Live 11, Move Clip Grid (v1.9) Working -

@realVZI - I'll try and have a look and see if this is an easy update.

Did you try different numbers in the track number box

Maybe the return tracks are 2 tracks after the last track

Track 1 audio
Track 2 audio
Track 3 midi
Travk 4 midi
Track 5 is the return

Maybe that works, I haven't looked at this in a long time unfortunately.

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I haven't tested it with Live 11 yet.

Can you describe what's happening? Did you use the device before in Live 10 ok?

Hi Opti, in theory yes it is possible. But the device would need updating. Last time I did stuff with racks a BS MaxForLive it was a bit annoying and a little complicated.

So yes, it’s possible but I won’t have time to update the device to make it work for racks due to other (paid) projects.

If it is critical we can discuss a paid option of the device to support racks.

thanks, sounds like a bug with my patch. I’ll check at the weekend. If I don’t get back feel free to chase me again.

@dramastz, great you solved it. It’s a good idea for a future update. Maybe I’ll add that when I have time.

Are there any other looper tools you find useful (not just mine, I mean), I still do some looping with live.

hi saxoftime - unfortunately this isn't possible. the live API doesn't connect to the cleared status, so you can't get feedback if the device is cleared. when i was researching this issue i found some people have had success using some midi loop feedback and some other patches.

Hi rolandb - any luck, did you get it working

hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback. New version available
- new design, last controller recalled on load, scene name bugs fixed.

@ ofersmi, yes unfortunately to make the device work it opens group tracks (I's a long time since I reviewed the patch). These small things are kinda tricky to fix, and take quite a bit of work (storing how the group track look like, then restoring that once you have moved the group track). It's not the kind of update I plan to make (I'm not good enough in max 4 live to make such an update quickly unfortunately).

@ audipet - thanks for the feedback. The track name that holds the looper is written in black text at the top, is that what you were looking for?

@ jordantanner - shout if you want any updates

let me know what you're trying to do, it's probably possible

Unfortunately not, unless you routes the Midi out and back in to control the Midi map buttons.

Hi Everyone. NEW UPDATE. Works with Push 1 and Push 2 for Live 1.6

Thanks to @atomictag for using parts of his code

Thanks! There is a small chance I can get it working for Push 1 and Launvhpad under 9.5 and 9.6. Push 2 is too much headache to learn the control script stuff (again), or rather it's not my focus at the moment.

Bad News - I don't know how to fix this at this stage for Live 9.5 upwards.

There was a change to some back end settings/configuration, so this device no longer works.

From doing initial research, apparently this Isotronik device has similar or the same functionality. It's not free, AND I haven't tried it myself - it is very different to the patch I made. I will update if I find a solution, but I don't see anything likely at this stage.


I will updatefor Live 9.5 at he weekend.

I'll also check Push 2 functionality

Hi anyone reading this. New update is actually still ready, feel free to contact me at: j sharp seven-the-number at gmail com


Thanks for the feedback, didn't realise people were using this so much.

I will update for Live 9.5

Please send any error messages to jsharp seven-the-number at gmail com

Hi obliguo,

it is basically ready. I was just testing some bugs and streamlining the user interface, but I might just get an update here and just get feedback from people directly.

Thanks! Completely understand that. I might have a go if I have time.

will you be re-working this to use max7 native time stretching?

Thanks for the comment. Do you know what version of max fpr live you jave installed?

Are you using PC or Mac?

I think there is a problem with the granulator/timestretch code on 64bit. I will probably make a basic version without timestretch (you will still be able to slow down the sample but the pitch will change - like a turntable)

Thanks, another update coming soon. Any more ideas let me know

Update still coming, feel free to shout here or on youtube for updates ;-) (youtube link in above description)

Let me know if anyone is still using this, planning an update soon. Thanks!

sorry for the delay, I don't get email notifications when people post here.

@djzach - do you have more than 666 scenes, or 999 tracks? either way I think I have fixed this bug, new device uploaded.

@upow1234 - new device uploaded, hopefully track 3 works now.

Thanks for the feedback. Good to know, will remember that for future versions

Thanks for the feedback everyone. New version coming soon,

Boombleep - new version will be stereo

Zeep - the pads aren't quantised, thougb you can use repeat mode for a regular rhythm (machine gun style builds etc)

Glad you like it. New update coming soon, I'll look at your problem

@obliquo thanks for the feedback! Momentary repeat is not possible with an audio device because you are very limited the midi you can pass to the device via midi-map .
BUT - it is a great idea, so let me have a think about a possible workaround.

+ New Version coming soon - please me know any suggestions +

@ flolachevre

sorry I don't get email notifications when someone posts here, hence the delay.

you have to use the NEW and and Session Record buttons in Live 9 - they are at the top next to the play, stop etc buttons.

Hi egnouf

The device looks great, good work!

I tried putting this on a MIDI track to control some devices on a different midi track and I had a problem.

The map button works but the 1st step sequencer would not play. So I tried the second one, the step seq played and it was mapped, but the target device was not being controlled by the step sequencer.

My previous setup was using the the Live 9 Max Essential Control devices - LFO,Envlope on 1 midi track to control a different midi track - but it seems I can't do this workflow with this device, right?.

@johnisfaster , Fippe
now I have uploaded the MIDI IN midi device. This means you can use a midi clip or another sequencer to trigger the pads. Enjoy:

@ Fippe. This is possible. You can trigger the pads using midi from a midi track or real time input (i.e. not midi map). Actually that requires a separate Midi-In device, I will upload shortly.

I have new device for looping and creating variations. See BeatChopLive