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Name | Version: Device Browser 1.0
Author: Stray
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Device Browser is a MIDI (or key) controllable browser for Live's devices. The browser is housed in a floating window that can be closed/opened via MIDI (or key).

Since M4L does not have native access to Live's browser methods, ClyphX (v2.2.4 or later) is required to use this device. You can download ClyphX here:

- It is not possible to hotswap devices on the same track that the Device Browser is loaded on.
- If your cursor is over the floating window upon performing a load operation, you may see a busy cursor icon until you move your cursor away from the floating window.
- The device does not currently work with Live 9.5 and later.


Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jun 12 2013 10:23:49
Date Last Updated: Jan 02 2016 09:18:29
Downloads: 1491
License: AttributionNoDerivatives
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Device File: Device Browser.amxd


Hi Stray
Thanks to your device
Is there ClyphX version for mac?
ClyphX works with any operating system that Live can run on.
Any chance this will work with 'Places' too?
3dot just asked my question..... I swear that wasnt there a few minutes ago!
Device Browser doesn't currently have access to Places, but this could change in the future.

In the interim, all of the source code is available (both within ClyphX and DeviceBrowser.js within Device Browser), so it's possible to modify things yourself to access Places.
Hi Stray,

Well achieved and thanks.
I was wondreing if was possible to include some specific folders to browse and use some filter to show all the audio files from the folder and subfolders.

I am trying to achieve some audio preview from Push...

Let me know.

Maxime Hojer.
browser keeps showing error :(
still no fix?

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