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AT Scaler Version 1.0
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Load Set Simple Version 1.0.2

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^^ Good catch, thanks. I've gotten that fixed. Regarding playlists, that can already be accomplished via the method covered in the description.

If you've got some other idea about it though, sure, send me an email at stray (at)

@ dorsch, an .alp wouldn't help, but your Log.txt might:

You can send that to stray (at)

Also, please mention what occurs if, while Live is running, you use Finder to launch one of these problematic sets.

@fjw, what is the exact path of the set that is related to the error? And, no, please don't distribute derivative devices.

Is anything shown in the Max window, particularly in the b scenario? Also, what occurs in the a scenario if, while Live is running, you navigate to the als file and double click on it to open it in Live?

That's no good. Which operating system are you using? What is indicating to you that Live has crashed? If you're receiving an error message, please state exactly what it says? Does this occur with any set or just a particular set? Have you tried using it to load a simple set (one that contains no other M4L devices or 3rd party plugins)? Also, anything showing up in the Max window?

Device Browser doesn't currently have access to Places, but this could change in the future.

In the interim, all of the source code is available (both within ClyphX and DeviceBrowser.js within Device Browser), so it's possible to modify things yourself to access Places.

ClyphX works with any operating system that Live can run on.