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Name/Version: Gridlock 0.3.54
Author: leehu  
Description: 0.3.54 - Check out latest release notes at

0.3.53 - Support for Livid Base, Launch Control, Launch Control XL plus loads of other stuff, incl a missed 0.3.52 update!

0.3.51a - Minor fixes and support for monome_sum app

0.3.51 - Livid OhmRGB support, new grouping mode, rotary/XY zoom on Lemur plus lots of other stuff...

0.3.50 - Major overhaul, lots of new functionality, head on over to the website to check it out!

0.3.4 - Support for 8 endless encoders (8 banks), XY control, HUD display, MIDI feedback across pages and devices.

0.3.3 - MN+ enhancements - Intensity support, VSerialOSC support, throttling for hi load apps

0.3.2 - Push support

0.3.1 - Lemur and TouchOSC support. Standalone MAX donwloader.

Gridlock provides an easy-to-use abstraction for using a number of grid based controllers from either inside M4L or standalone in a MAX application. All communications (to and from each supported device) are handled for you and a consistent message spec is provided for talking to each physical device.
Primarily developed for the Launchpad, supported platforms are growing. Examples of upcoming adaptors for hardware are QuNeo and Push, along with Mira, Lemur and TouchOSC interfaces for the iPad.
The target market for this product is twofold:
1) Developers in MAX/M4L that wish to use one of the supported controllers without having to write the low-level code for interfacing to the controllers can use the exposed API. Anything developed will work with any of the supported controllers without having to worry about the ins and outs of each device.
2) Musicians can use the built-in functionality for configuring the controller to provide easy access to OSC/Midi based applications that they desire. Again, the control surfaces available to you are those currently supported by the application.

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Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 9.1.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: May 23 2013 11:55:53
Date Last Updated: Dec 01 2014 09:11:06
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives


This is the most massive patch that i never saw.. Thanks lee for your work... I did a video using your monome emulation that comes with your interface :)

Is there a help file for this? There's so many buttons it's kind of hard to figure it out

Is there a help file for this? There's so many buttons it's kind of hard to figure it out

Nvm i found it

sorry, don't get on here much so only just seen your posts. shoot me a mail at if you're still having problems. thx

Could this be updated to be used with the new APC40 MKII? I just picked one up and there are no M4L devices and Im a noob when it comes to hacking/coding. Could someone please help me?

Hi, I'm working on the APC40 II Version in December - hopefully ready for the new year.

Gridlock is the best device I've used for the Launchpad. The monome emulation is superb. Updated regularly and the response on the forum is quick and helpful

Can someone confirm this works with Live 11 and Push 2? The instructions are pretty outdated so it's hard to know, and the last messages I can find are from 2017, discussing a (never finalised?) Gridlock 2.
I can import the device, but the dropdown is showing 'none'.

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