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Name | Version: CC to MIDI note trigger 1.0
Author: manysounds
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: I built a laser harp at home... How to trigger notes?

Simply put:
Allows incoming CC changes to set off MIDI notes.
Set it so it triggers when you pass above or below a number, or both!

Click to input notes from keyboard.
Click another thingy to play notes in succession.
Pick note lengths.



Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: May 19 2013 11:58:22
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1510
License: None
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Device File: CCtoMIDInote.amxd


Hi, I am trying to use it with leap motion, seems the perfect device !
However, I cannot successfully trigger a note. The flash light blinks when I tweak the knobs on my controller, but not sending MIDI.
Is there any routing require ?
I tried both placing with a midi instrument, and along in a midi track, routing out to other track, both not working :(
For some reason CCtoMIDIscale device works !

any advice will be super appreciated.

Hi, I am a newbie in Max, and I have been looking for a CC to Note trigger plug for quiet a while ( after trying myself to do one with Max )

Your plug works fine to trigger a Midi note from CC data generated by sensor. My issue now is to add somehow a sustain cc for ex ( CC64 ) to this note because I would like to keep the note sounding as long as I receive data from the sensor.

I tried various midi effects but with no success. ( Note length, delays ... ) Would you suggest any accurate way I could trigger midi note And a CC from one CC ?

Again thanks for your sharing, great job

...just curious if this works with Leap motion yet. looks like what I need but read a comment that they had trouble getting it to work.
Hi, can you add the option to trigger notes not by CC only but by a button that can be pressed in your device and can also be mapped to other devices?

I need a simple device that just plays specific notes when pressing a button or a MIDI CC. Thanks!

Great device; any chance you can update it? My settings aren't saved when I re-open a project in 10.


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