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Hi, I am trying to use it with leap motion, seems the perfect device !
However, I cannot successfully trigger a note. The flash light blinks when I tweak the knobs on my controller, but not sending MIDI.
Is there any routing require ?
I tried both placing with a midi instrument, and along in a midi track, routing out to other track, both not working :(
For some reason CCtoMIDIscale device works !

any advice will be super appreciated.


Hi my friend,
thanks for sharing this, can't wait to play with it !
however, when I open it (Version 9.1.6)there's no drop down menu for the input source, only the video file playback available.
please advice me on this, thank you in advance.

Hi Kenan,first, thank you very much of this inspiring tool. I've got similar problem as jeffromusic, basically I want to map a single nob/dial that can switch between 4 return channels volumes fader, and which got fade in/out modulation in between. I used Knobinator v0.1 as single knob controller
, since there's no modulation function, I mapped to Modulatorinator 0.4, however the volume parameter can't hold at peak 127, ideally if it's possible, a press button, when it's on stay at 127 and at release/off fade back to 0.
Same situation with spin cycle. anyway, bravo bravo work. please help me out

Hi, this is super useful, thanks a lot !
One little suggestion,
Is it possible to add modulation on each mapped parameter ?
So I can ideally smoothly fire up parameters.