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Name | Version: SessionLooper 1.0
Author: Crampe
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: SessionLooper is a nice device, yeah.
It lets you do multi-tracks synchronized live looping within the Session View, without the need of a boring metronome and/or Global Quantization.
Well, you can use the great Live's built-in Looper device, but if you want independent control over each take…
Basically, SessionLooper works like this:
-You record a loop, live, by playing something, yeah!
-The clip's length becomes the "reference" length for the next clip.
-You freely start the recording of a new clip in a new track with one click, and the device will automatically stop the recording and launch the loop for you.
-This new clip's length becomes the new "reference"…
- go to the next track, one click, a new loop… make music/noise.

Requires at least, Ableton Live 9.0.1 Max 6.1

More info and video demo in the link below.


Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 29 2013 22:25:29
Date Last Updated: Aug 02 2021 15:25:34
Downloads: 4

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License: None
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"pay fair price" doesn't work. it refused my Donation. whats up with that ?
if its donation ware, make it donation ware. cheers.
awesome device by the way!!!

It actually is the fixed price (4.99€), or more if you want.
Sorry if it's not clear on gumroad.
right. oh. name fair price info is misleading.
oh we can pay more too.
definitely making the donation!
I've added a fully functionnal demo version of the device.
Just follow the link above.
If you had PayPal for payment, I'd consider buying it. Seems Brilliant. I'll try the demo first. Why would anyone enter in their full Credit Card info ? It's way too risky to do, even if you are 100% honest.
Hi iwaiwa. If you're interested you'll find an email address on my website. Just drop me a line and I'll give you my paypal address.
BTW, I don't have access to the credit card information, the payment method you see on my website is managed by a platform called gumroad. I use this because it simplify the process: I upload my device on the platform, you buy it, and the device is automatically sent to you. I know it's possible to do this with paypal, but it looks over-complicated to setting up. And, actually, it would be better for me to use paypal directly, because with gumroad I earn less money : gumroad takes a percentage, and then pay me through my paypal account, which takes an another percentage... but it's still so much simpler this way.
can you record new loops on the same track?
Yep 3phase. BTW you can download a fully functional demo version of the device on my website (link above). The device will just disappear after 10 minutes and you'll have to reload it to test it more.
You wrote abought your email adress on your side.
i couldnt find it.
can you send it to me :
It'd be really easy to download the demo device and undo the 10 minute limit. Would take less than 10 minues.

Also would take about 10 minutes to recreate a simliar device in max on your own. Try it!
Thanks for telling us how smart you are Blassthole.

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