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Name/Version: L.BD 1.2
Author: Lokua  
Description: Doesn't get much simpler than this: a monophonic sine-wave oscillator with pitch and amplitude envelopes (the most minimal ingredients needed to make a synthesized bass-drum). The simplicity and limits are the point; make your envelopes and move on.

An audio example, and more (yes, free) M4L devices at

*update June 01,13
-as suggested in comments, osc phase retriggers consistently now.

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Downloads: 1791
Tags synth, drum
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 30 2013 01:09:39
Date Last Updated: Jun 01 2013 15:22:28
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: L.BD.v1.2.amxd


Indeed it's a powerful little BD tool. Amazing actually. I like it even more then new Kick moduole in Live 9.

Only issue i am having with it is that OSC does not retrigger itself to start from the beginning on each hit (some SYNC or RETRIG. button should be cool) so on Bassdrums with longer decay when you play on 130bpm or something there is a sense like that Bassdrum pitch is changing over time..

Glad you like it - thanks for the feedback, that is a very good point. The phase of the Oscillator is not synced - you have a good ear. Pitch-wise it sounds the same to me every hit regardless of the AmpEnv or whatever BPM, however the attack 'click' is slightly - very very slightly different every two, three or so hits. Personally I like the inconsistency, but here is another version that phase-re-triggers. Perhaps if I get around to making a full featured bass-drum synth I'll add fancy option switches :)

The click is different probably because the function object is using the default output mode where it outputs the first value as a single value to line~, then sends the rest of the values out as a list. Because they are two separate messages, you can get timing differences.

You can set function to "list" output mode, and this will take care of that. If you use zl slice 2 (use the right outlet of it) to remove the first point from the list (xy: 0. 0.), you will also have better retriggering behavior. (the envelope will go from wherever it's at to the second (non-zero) pair.

You might also check out using curve~ with function; in my experience, it produces a much better-sounding amplitude envelope.

Thanks A LOT!! V 1.2 is indeed working as supposed.

Thanks again!!

Cool plugin... thank you!

Nice kick, thanks.

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