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thx for the plugin. great idea!

I have found a minor issue if your M4L-devices are used on multiple tracks. The current behavior is that all tracks send to "rms" but The send/receive must be track specific! You have to evaluate the track number (and use it as a prefix in order to send on "rms-channels".

Then I have an amendment. It might be a good idea to have a "adjust" button. Once pressed the RMS is calculated, transferred and the adjustments are made. After switching it off the sender/receiver do not have to work anymore.

Well then... keep on going!

What exactly makes you believe that sending messages via M4L-Send/Receive has zero latency?


nice work....

Nice one!!

Took me a moment to find a possible fix..... you have to put a live.thisdevice object above the master pan knob.

loadbang did not work.

Ah... Maybe that's important... I tested it with Live 9.1 beta but most likely it's the same with Live 9.0.6.

I unfortunately found a minor issue.

If you put an instance of your plugin on the track there's only the left audio played. After moving the pan knob the problem is gone.

There seems to be a minor problem with the initial value of the right pan knob.

After the plugin is loaded you'll not see it anymore. In order to reproduce the issue you have to restart Ableton Live and put your plugin on the track.

I wanted to create exactly the same! You save me time.... thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you!

thank you

Cool plugin... thank you!

thank you

Thank you!

Thank you!