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Name/Version: brain 2.0
Author: bongo808  
Description: brain is a preset manager. It saves and recalls pretty everything in your live set.
First it was a part of my other device cloud, I made this version for non-monome users.

You can access 32 presets in 32 banks, so 1024 presets are available ; the top hemisphere is for the banks, the bottom one for the preset.
It acts as follow :
To save a preset;
- click on the "enable saving" button, store and insert buttons appears to show that bongobrain is ready to store.
- choose the bank and preset index on wich you want the preset to be stored by clicking on corresponding buttons on the grid, if the preset slot is already in use, its name will be displayed.
- type the name of your preset in the text box (it is important to name the preset, it will prevent you from overwriting presets later).
To store the preset, you have to choose between "store" and "insert". "store" will overwrite any pre-existent preset on the index number chosen, if you choose a slot already in use, all its parameters will be lost. "insert" will automatically increment any preset at the specified index or higher to make room for the new one.

brain has some limitations (that could be expanded if I get time) :
- 45 parameters on the two first devices on 24 tracks (if you want to use more than two devices and save their parameters, you must put it in effect racks, the height macros on the two first racks will be saved).
- 8 parameters on the 2 first devices on 12 return tracks (you must rack your effects if they have more than 8 parameters)
- volume, sends, mute, solo, panning on 24 tracks and 12 return tracks
- record arm on 24 tracks
- transport : tempo, time signature, clip trigger quantization, groove amount, and midi recording quantization
- input and output routings on 32 tracks and 12 return tracks (version 1.7)

All the values are stored with the device when you save your live set. You can also save a Live device preset as usual with Live devices.
A bongobrain preset represents more than 2500 parameters values, it can hold 1024 presets, so it is more than 2.560.000 values that may come with the device when it is loaded, so please be patient. However everything seems to be ok, the device may need a few more seconds to acts as expected. But when loaded it should be fast and reliable.
The parameters are saved from their object id, so you might be able to move things without loosing anyything. However, for the same reason, any track or device added after brain is loaded won't have its parameters saved.

_ The program change can help you to control additionnal hardware, synth, controler, or anything that receive program change messages. You can choose a program number or disable this function for each preset, if you don't want to send program change, set it to 0. Choose the midi canal output in your track output parameter in live.

- banks and presets are mappable. Be careful if you use dials or faders on your controler, going from a preset to another is like recalling all the presets between.

Thank you for downloading.
Thanks a lot for your support if you made a donation.

Save your soul.

Device Details

Tags utility, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Dec 25 2012 13:34:20
Date Last Updated: Dec 19 2018 21:38:06
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives


I love it! Been trying it out and it works perfect.

What I wonder though is this:
How do I control the snapshots from a MIDI channel?
I understand that you can have a clip in session mode and let that clip decide which snapshot to recall. How do I do this?

Thanks again!

Hi repeatle,

thanks for your message and interest. Glad to hear it works well.
For now, it is not possible to control snapshots from a clip in session mode. You probably know that you can make an automation of it in arrangement view, and that it will be possible to make an automation in session view with Live 9.
I could modify the device to receive external control in the future, stay in tune for coming updates.

Save your soul.


Gonna try it out now as an alternative to Kapture which is pissing me off. Report back soon

I really appreciate how fas this device operates. But it's been unreliable for me in the way it saves parameters. Sometimes it saves my send A settings. Sometimes not. And it never saves my send B. most frustrating is that it won't save the parameters on the second device on my second track, which is an effects rack's macros coming after an instrument rack as the first device. I'm able to do this on all other tracks other than this particularly important one. So this device, as of now, is unusable for me.

i am wondering if anyone else has used this as an alternative to kapture... which is OK... but awkward and not great. Any info on that or other similar preset manager devices would be lovely.

Link not working

i am back to this device and it seems it is a bit tricky to use it in a safe way. I am discovering new things now... it seems the device absolutely needs to be insertet when the live set is done, any important modification like moving tracks or adding new racked devices may cause problems. It is not easy for me to fix and understand all these thinks as it is a quite heavy m4l patch and my laptop seems to overload its processor each time I open the patch to check it, so everything takes a loooooooooot of time...
However I am pretty confident that the patch is clean, but an error on this huge thing is of course still possible. I am now managing to find a (safe and fast) way for it to check automatically the live set when it is modified. Any help or advice is welcome, it could be a great reliable device.


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