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Synthpond4Live Version 1.0
OpenTSPS2Max4Live Version 1.0
simplePoke Version 1.0
simplePeek Version 1.0
INKblotR Version 1.0
Virtual Visual Rhythmicon Version 1.1
Note Trigger Parameter Step Sequencer Version 2.0

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I went ahead and made the changes to this device so that it now remembers all the values one had it set to when you reload the Live set. I also made a few cosmetic changes, and had it create default values on loading that are more friendly. You can set the range of a device parameter and it will scale to that range. The default values are 0 and 1 since most Live controls are in that range, but it gives one the option to set it to whatever values you want. I can send it to you so you can post it here, and I was going to post it myself (with attribution) if that's cool with you?

hi there. i like this thing. It acts only as a switch though? I see how to toggle pretty much anything, but how would I say, map a series of notes to a knob position? Thanks!

The visuals are directly mapped to the generated internal MIDI.

The visuals are directly mapped to the generated internal MIDI.

I have the same issue with it crashing Live 9 when I change the sequnce length.
I also get messages that spew into the Max window saying "no_function msg_int"
Any chance this might get updated for Live 9? It's really fun, used to work perfectly.

i am wondering if anyone else has used this as an alternative to kapture... which is OK... but awkward and not great. Any info on that or other similar preset manager devices would be lovely.