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Name/Version: Note Trigger Parameter Step Sequencer 2.0
Author: dfodel  
Description: Based on user 'prebentious' device.
This device takes an incoming note (any note) as a trigger for a looping configurable (1-8) number of steps that send out parameter value changes to any mapped Live device parameter. I went ahead and made the changes to the original device so that it now remembers all the values one had it set to when you reload the Live set. I also made a few cosmetic changes, and had it create default values on loading that are more friendly. You can set the range of a device parameter and it will scale to that range. The default values are 0 and 1 since most Live controls are in that range, but it gives one the option to set it to whatever values you want. It is otherwise pretty self-explanatory.

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Downloads: 907
Tags sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Nov 13 2019 05:51:21
Date Last Updated: Nov 13 2019 14:52:44
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

Device Files

Device File: NoteStep2.amxd


AMAZING! Thank you so much, this is just what i needed!

any chance this can be expanded to 16 steps? or is there a similar device with more steps?

Absolutely fantastic! I've been looking for something like this all through this year, and finally found something that clicks! Thanks for your efforts (and to the original author as well!).

Few points of note:
- Having both range and min/max feels a bit redundant, at least I was a little bit confused at first!
- Is there a functionality to unmap the mapped parameter, in similar fashion as the core M4L modulation tools provide? That would be helpful! Currently I'm constantly mapping things empty parameters to "unmap"/change routings.
- I'm into the chosen alternative color-scheme, looks cool ;).


Thanks for this device. I'd appreciate more info on the help bar or a small manual. Thanks!

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