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Btw. About not working "out of the box". You need to put that:
Into the:
Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\java\classes

Once I followed the instruction above all of the buttons started to work but a few unexpected quirks make it too random for live performance. I kept deleting the track that the device was in which was annoying. It then got stuck in a loop and created new tracks over and over. Care needs to be taken with midi mapping. I was using my Oxygen triggering Note On msgs and had to double press the L-R, Up-Down. All this is making me less inclined to bother.

I found this device to be the most stable for moving around the screen.

Love this man. Any chance of making a 24 macro version so I can use it with my trusty UC-33


Another work of genius by my go to guy when I want some new controllerism ideas. 4live you are a visionary. Suggestion though, can you make the min & max values 0-127 instead of %. Makes it easier to hit the spot in parameter values with Ableton's (sometimes annoying) default scale of 0-127.

I'm gonna give it a go in the hope that it will improve my timing issues!

Link not working

Yeah it doesn't work for me either. Using Live 8.2.2.

Gonna try it out now as an alternative to Kapture which is pissing me off. Report back soon

Took a while to get if working due to software versions. This is cool. Chain 8 of them to have 8 "blue-hand" super knobs. Everything just got a lot more complicated due to the range of assignable possibilities but thats fine by me.
All hail Bento