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Name/Version: TableMod-Midi 1.4
Author: dric  
Description: Hello,

Is an simple lfo syncro, you can play Free(start) trigger, or automate the start time with the button to the left of "trigger" button.
You can map with an midiCC also..
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ps: work with the global transport.. when live is playing

1.1 improvement; the start button problem fixed

1.2 i add visual for range..

1.3 improvement: bug whith trigger fixed.

1.4 more bug fixed with triggering :((

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Downloads: 640
Tags lfo, effect, utility
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6
Date Added: Oct 11 2012 18:05:23
Date Last Updated: Oct 22 2012 21:45:13
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: TABLEMoD-Midi.amxd


you should at least call it something besides LineFO, somebody's used that one already.

oops for this one I 've not copy! promise! :)

But you've reason, i change now!!

Ok is cool.. error repair!!

do not attack me for plagiarism please!!! :)

But this is an new version of my older "PseudoLfo"... one of my first patch..


I did not think it was plagiarism, just illogical.

PseudoLfo sounds great!

Yes it's true..

Thx man!! This work too..

Plagiarism?!?, non, non, non!... that would take careful analysis.. and where does inspiration cross over into reuse?
and after all great minds work alike...
Even if all that was required is attribution, these are silly arguments: none of us makes a living from this specific code, n'est pas?
nevertheless, given that this ( is a place where inspiration and parallel thought has often produced duplicate efforts,
This plug does seem to be a better implementation of some earlier plugins:specifically, this and EnvelopeTrigger seem quite like the very early max4live plug i never really finished, "TriggerEnvelope" and dualtriggerenvelope... but certainly not plagarism!

josquin you are really late to this party.
dric was calling his device "LineFO" when he first posted it.
For the sake of searching/identifying devices I suggested he change the name.
Also out of respect for the guy who started and maintains this site who already posted a device called "LineFO"

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