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Name/Version: dirt sky 1.0
Author: capsella  
Description: it's a mess... 3 way repitcher plus grain mangler.
trying to preserve some of the custom UI stuff from pluggo

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Downloads: 12731
Tags effect, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Nov 29 2009 12:44:17
Date Last Updated: Dec 02 2009 10:22:35
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Dirt_Sky.amxd


this one doesn't seem to work for me. also, if i try to open/edit it it crashes max for live.

Not working, when opening the editor it shows only patch cables with nothing attached....

not work

Not work

same same

It doesn't work. Max console say that no such object tap.anticlick~. I guess it is a part of tap tool bundle. And this plug in will not work with out it.

Sorry, bad freeze. I'll re post it. When I get home

ok, this one should work... lemme know if not.

Still no wet sound. Still object tap.anticlick~ missed.

thats weird.... taptools is in the freeze log. i'll try again.

ok, uploaded. if this one doesn't work I'll try removing the obj

Sorry to tell you, but still object tap.anticlick~ missed.
You can contact me at circles.on.the.field (at) and I will test this plug in before you upload it here.

not work

Also did not work here - sorry.

tap.anticlick: no such object.

You need to freeze this device to make sure all dependencies are included.

+1.... doesn't work here, no wet signal!

doesn't work here

I guess you need also the tap tools PRO license.
same like a PLUGGO plugin.

not work...

where should i put this? in wich folder i mean?

not work .i guess is an object problem. thanks anyway

What a pity, it looks like a great patch.

yeah; looks great ; )

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