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Kontrol Version 1.0
Circle Version 1.0
Clip Operator Version 1.0
Circle 2 Version 2.0
Cutter Version 1.0
Opir Version 1.0

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I uploaded a new version of my devices.
You can get them here

I added midi/automation support where it is possible. And the main improvement is that Circle2 doesn't crash on some Windows systems any more.

You can also check the project page on Cycling74 web site.

Have fun,

Thanks. I already got some requests for implement midi map. I will probably do it. At least it is in my to do list for next Circle.
But I just do max/msp programming in free time, so I don't promise anything and I don't know when I will release next version.



Well I think I didn't use any external objects.
Can you tell me what is your max/msp version and ableton version. You can send me email and I will try to fix it.

Here is the demonstration of how Circle2 works here is the demonstration of Circle 2. Still in progress.


Thanks Micheline,

In the arrangement view you can always record knobs movement, but not in the session view during live performance. So Kontrol device gives you possibility to record and playback the movement of any knob during live performance.

Anton. this is correct link here is the video (from 1:25) shows how it works.

Sorry to tell you, but still object tap.anticlick~ missed.
You can contact me at circles.on.the.field (at) and I will test this plug in before you upload it here.

Still no wet sound. Still object tap.anticlick~ missed.

It doesn't work. Max console say that no such object tap.anticlick~. I guess it is a part of tap tool bundle. And this plug in will not work with out it.