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Name/Version: MOSCO Moog Voyager 1.0
Author: RoelVanderPaal  
Description: MIDI Controller for the Moog Voyager.

- Put this on a MIDI track together with an external instrument configured for the Moog Voyager
- Responds to knob changes from the Moog Voyager
- All parameters from this device are stored when making presets, so this makes it very easy to manage presets for the Moog Voyager from within Ableton. Of course all parameters can also be automated in Ableton.
- The 'Send' button sends all parameters (=CC messages) to the Moog Voyager. This is useful in case the Moog Voyager gets desynchronized for whatever reason. I also noticed that M4L sometimes does not send all parameters to the Moog Voyager when opening a preset, this might be a little bug in M4L. Also in this case the 'Send' button can solve this problem.

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Downloads: 1155
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.7
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 27 2012 17:21:49
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (7) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: MOSCO Moog Voyager.amxd


This is genius. You just made my workflow incredibly faster. I don't have to memorize all the midi CC's anymore, I can just automate them. Only issue I have right now is figuring out how to send the preset details to the plugin itself so the plugin doesn't overwrite my preset... well, I guess I have to grab my Moog manual.

@C418 Nice to hear you like it!
Getting a preset from the Moog to the plugin must be done via System Exclusive messages, which is currently not supported by M4L.

Ah, yes, that's understandable. It's just a problem if the Moog has a preset and the plugin overwrites it with random data as it doesn't know every knob position precisely. However I can prevent that by just keeping the Moog off when loading a set, so this thing is still perfect for me!

Yeahhhhhhhh very very good job !!!!!!

Love this!
Iwould like to make a touchosc template for it but I can?t figure out how to map it in live and have it "pre mapped" for use in other song etc. I can map it once with the midi map function in live but I would like to make a direct osc map for it. anyone?


I was thinking I would be able to use this within a midi clip as a short cut for modulating the envelopes. It seems that it just sits at the top of the track, and will only do automation for your overall arrangement. Any ideas? Also, how do you get it to read data from the voyager?

@tommyecho you could group the controller in a MIDI Effect Rack and map the parameters you would like to automate, to a Macro. Macros can be automated within a clip.

'Reading data': if you mean uploading the Moog's internal preset to the computer, that is not possible (see above)

if you mean controlling the parameters by turning the knobs on the Moog, you must enable MIDI OUT on the Moog (and connect the MIDI OUT to your computer of course). It is also a good idea to switch MIDI MERGE off, to avoid a MIDI loop.


Thank you for creating this device. I used it as a start to create one that has patch memory in it. You have to import all the banks into the patch to work but you can then control the patch change from Live and have all the parameters match in live and on the Voyager. Check out the device and code if you would like.

I have not implemented a system that if you change a parameter it saves the patch in Live and on the Voyager yet.

Thank you for sharing your device.


hands down my favorite thing I've found here. Real game changer

Thank you for the hard work on this device, Roel.

I updated the interface and added the Voyager XL LFO2 functions in a new device called Voyager XL MIDI Controller, available for free in the library.

Hi Roel,

I'm having trouble to run you magnificent device with my Voyager Select Series (firmware 3.5). Everything seems to work ok, but when I automate a parameter, there's a long time lagging between what I do in Live, and the sounds that comes out of the synth. I would be very, very grateful if you could give me some advice on how to set up all MIDI parameters in both the Minimoog and Live.

Anyways, thank you for this device. If I get to make it work as expected, it'll be the best tool to work with my Minimoog ever!

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