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Voyager XL MIDI Controller Version 1.1
Mother 32 Assistant Version 1.1

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Please update to version 1.1, as it fixes many bugs across the board and is tested with firmware 2.0.

Hi Shaun. I just released an update fixing a couple bugs that caused the device to not send data in certain cases. I updated the description with more detail about the device setup. The controller follows the Ableton MIDI routing, so it will translate to whatever MIDI channel is set on your External Instrument to the XL.

There is also a MIDI channel setting on the controller in the LFO2 section which sets the LFO2 MIDI channel separately on the XL. LFO2 is effectively a MIDI thru that has to have its own MIDI channel set by sending a channel value to a CC target in the main Voyager XL MIDI.

Thank you for the hard work on this device, Roel.

I updated the interface and added the Voyager XL LFO2 functions in a new device called Voyager XL MIDI Controller, available for free in the library.