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Name/Version: Voyager XL MIDI Controller 1.1
Author: Afturmath  
Description: MIDI controller for the Moog Voyager XL

This is a derivative work of MOSCO Moog Voyager v1.0 (

This extends Roel's device with the following:
* Additional LFO2 parameters for the XL, many of which are only available through MIDI
* Full Push 2 mapping
* Moog-styled XL interface
* Minor bugfixes in parameter names
* Updated patcher layout for easier debugging and reverse engineering by future tinkerers

Insert a MIDI track and build a device chain with Voyager XL MIDI Controller first, then External Instrument pointing to your Voyager XL's MIDI input port and receiving audio from the Voyager XL main out(s). Verify the XL is receiving changes from the controller, then set the LFO2 MIDI channel (top right corner). CC assignments for LFO2 do not conflict with the main Voyager MIDI engine, so the channel can be the same but must be set each time the Voyager XL is powered on.

IMPORTANT: Turn off MIDI merge on the Voyager XL if you use it as the MIDI input device for the Ableton MIDI track, otherwise you will create a MIDI loop and end up frustrated for hours like me. :)

* 10.0.6 with Max 8.0.2
* 10.1.1 with Max 8.0.4
* Not compatible with Live 8, may not work with Live 9

V1.1 Updates:
* Fixed CC values for some controls
* Cleaned up patchers to ensure portability/compatibility

* Preset management


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Downloads: 307
Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Feb 05 2019 03:39:44
Date Last Updated: Jul 29 2020 18:00:27
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Voyager XL MIDI.amxd


hey! i love your layout here. i cant get it to work for some reason. im currently receiving midi on the voyager from ableton but your controller isnt actually sending any data. im wondering if this is because you have a midi channel selection but no midi port selection available on the plugin?

Hi Shaun. I just released an update fixing a couple bugs that caused the device to not send data in certain cases. I updated the description with more detail about the device setup. The controller follows the Ableton MIDI routing, so it will translate to whatever MIDI channel is set on your External Instrument to the XL.

There is also a MIDI channel setting on the controller in the LFO2 section which sets the LFO2 MIDI channel separately on the XL. LFO2 is effectively a MIDI thru that has to have its own MIDI channel set by sending a channel value to a CC target in the main Voyager XL MIDI.

I wrote a .midnam file to browse the OS 3.5 factory presets in the rackmount version.

Could this help add preset management? I would love to be able to select the factory patches from within the MIDI controller.

Thanks for making this! Such a helpful tool.

This is such an amazing utility! Thank you so much for creating a simple way for me to control my moog and automate it etc!

One thing I'm wondering - in the description, you said "preset management - TBD" - any progress on that? Would be incredible to be able to flick through program changes within this already super functional util. Again - THANK YOU!

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