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MOSCO MFB Synth II Version 1.0
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MOSCO Moog Voyager Version 1.0

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@tommyecho you could group the controller in a MIDI Effect Rack and map the parameters you would like to automate, to a Macro. Macros can be automated within a clip.

'Reading data': if you mean uploading the Moog's internal preset to the computer, that is not possible (see above)

if you mean controlling the parameters by turning the knobs on the Moog, you must enable MIDI OUT on the Moog (and connect the MIDI OUT to your computer of course). It is also a good idea to switch MIDI MERGE off, to avoid a MIDI loop.

@C418 Nice to hear you like it!
Getting a preset from the Moog to the plugin must be done via System Exclusive messages, which is currently not supported by M4L.