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Name/Version: Virus TI2 Control editor 1.0
Author: nicokaniak  
Description: Version 1.1 comes to replace this one.
New version:
This Max for Live patch brings the power of the Virus Control plugin directly to Ableton Live. It provides a convenient and familiar interface for tweaking all your favourite synth parameters and no longer relying solely on the hardware or its unsupported plugin! (This is the case, especially for Mac users who have seen compatibility issues with newer OS versions)

This patch is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Virus TI/2, offering two control modes:

MIDI CCs: The patch accepts incoming MIDI control change messages for essential control.

Sysex Mode (Highly Recommended): Unlock the full potential! Sysex mode enables meticulous control over all Virus TI/2 parameters, meticulously tested and mapped for precise editing. Go to "Config > Midi Control > Page A & B = SysEx " within your Virus Ti/2 to activate.

Current Features:

Comprehensive control of all parameters found in Virus Control: Easy Macro page, Simple program select, Oscillators, Filters, LFOs, Mod Matrix, Arpeggiator by presets, FXs and common settings.

Streamlined interface for intuitive sound design

Upcoming Enhancements (Next Iteration):

- Step-by-step arpeggiator editing: Craft your sequences with ultimate precision. (ready for next version)

- Multi-preset editing (coming soon): Edit multiple patches immediately and say goodbye to repetitive tweaks! (ready, I will have to re-arrange things around)

- Real-time parameter mirroring: See your hardware adjustments reflected directly in the patch. (proved to be more complex than anticipated, might need to make a separate patch for it)

- Automatic preset changes: The patch seamlessly adapts to your hardware preset selections. (same as prior)

- Random parameter generator: Stuck for inspiration? Let the patch spark new sonic ideas! (into this right now, got some cool ideas)

- Full, browsable preset library (coming soon!): A library of presets at your fingertips ((more complex than anticipated, but there are ways)

- Audio routing from USB (limited by the virus' internal signalling and authorization drivers, looking into this ATM)

Device Details

Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 11.3.22
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Apr 01 2024 20:29:39
Date Last Updated: Apr 09 2024 07:11:31
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


why is it need? The virus sold up with a control vst plugin


Because the original VST/AU plugin is not compatible with new Mac computers. The last supported version is macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Additionally, there are other annoying issues: the GUI is not resizable (problematic for 4K displays), matrix destination bugs (especially in the Filterbank Section), and more. If you want to know more about this, take a look at the Access Virus forum.

Thx for your answer, than it makes sense. You should add the explanation to the description


Well, for those with a Virus, it is the main topic of conflict and a well-known one. In the description, I indicated the plugin has been unsupported, but I guess it does not hurt to clarify.

This is great and was an instant purchase. Will new versions/iterations be notified via Gumroad?

Yes, everyone who has purchased a copy will receive instant notifications of newer versions through Gumroad or their associated email.

Hi. Love the look of this but it appears to be stuck in 'starting up'. I have set midi A&B to SysEx as instructed. Virus is showing up fine in preferences and it's sync and track is selected for both in and out. Any suggestions?

the "starting up" is a gimmick image, you need to press it and the window will pop up

Hi nicokaniak, Just started trying to use this and I can't figure it out. I'm running a Windows machine with the Virus TI2 connected via USB. Audio is running into my interface. I have a midi track set up in Ableton with the Virus USB midi set up as the output. Do I need to use an External Instrument device?

The patch comes up and looks great, but I can't seem to get it to communicate with my Virus. When I play a key on my controller, I do get audio from the Virus, but the editor is not communicating. Any tips on what I may be missing?

Hey, there are a couple of things you can check:
1) all connections for the Virus in the Midi Settings in Ableton are marked appropriately (Track, Sync, and Remote all checked)
2) Check the Midi/ SysEx status in the Ableton Configuration
3) If you are using version 1.0 (only communicating with the Single Mode), check that the midi channel output goes as follows: Device> Virus Synth and Channel 01 (it could vary depending on the midi channel you set in the Virus itself but by default is 01). If you are using V1.1, check that the mode is set to the same as the Virus is (Single or Multi) and that the Midi channel in either mode reflects the channel set up in the patch.
However, suppose you see that the preset in the Virus is not represented in the patch, regardless of chancing programs in the hardware. In that case, I haven't been able to set parameter mirroring on the max patch yet, but it is a feature that will come soon.

If none of this works, feel free to send me an email, and we can see the issue in more detail at


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