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Name | Version: APC40 Utilities 2.0
Author: nonagon
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: A collection of four simple utilities in a single patch for extending the functionality of the APC40.

1. Metro Scroll: displays a transport-synced scrolling "metronome" on the Track Select Buttons. The scroll completes once-per-bar, with the downbeat synced to the Live transport.

2. Momentary Solo: solo buttons deactivate on release instead of their normal "toggle" behavior.

3. Illuminate Stop: when a clip is playing in one of the first eight tracks of a Live set, the clip stop button associated with that track will be illuminated. Clip stop buttons flash in beat during the final bar of the clip.

4. Track Select Takeover: the eight track select buttons act as momentary switches to control the on/off state of four parameters on two different (selectable) devices. In my performance setup I have these mapped to beat repeat racks on my drums and "everything else" busses.

Track / device selections for the Track Select Takeover feature are saved with the set.


Live Version Used: 8.2.7
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 25 2012 04:54:20
Date Last Updated: Jan 25 2012 04:56:26
Downloads: 1747
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: APC40 Utilities v2.0.amxd


Very very cool little device, I really love it, it can help so much in live situation.
hi, nonagon. thanks for this nice device. but I alway have to select again the illuminate stop and the metro scroll whenever I start ableton. Can't I save my preset? Or is it happening because I'm using an apc20 and live 9?
nice1. any chance of running metronome on stop buttons instead.?
is it ok to share an edited version of this?
Thanks for this. A few requests: It would be great if the selected track stayed illuminated while the metronome scrolls, and if the metronome light would turn off when playback is stopped and reset to 1.1.1, instead of remaining illuminated at its last position. Also would be nice if I could activate Track Select Takeover with a momentary modifier key like the Shift or Master button. And another nice feature would be momentary mute.

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