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Name | Version: Ardoise 1.1
Author: lostmybass
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Universal track inspector.


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 25 2024 17:13:24
Date Last Updated: Apr 01 2024 13:03:41
Downloads: 0

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License: AttributionNonCommercial
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This looks elegant, as do your other color-coded devices and the PDF manuals. Thank you.

Have you thought about some way to show ALL devices listed in descending (or otherwise sortable) order of latency? Seems like it'd be useful to get a list view of laggy tracks.
Thanks for the compliments :)

It is possible to list the latency of every track and compare them.

But that would be very CPU intensive, and I could see that also hurting the simplicity of the interface.

What Ardoise does is that It calculates the latency of each device of the selected track, updating each 2 seconds.

That would mean constantly scanning for any change inside Live.

That would also mean getting this « undo history bug » that occurs on a lot of Max devices. You know, when you can’t undo…

Overall I think It’s possible but It should be optimized with actual code, and in a bigger interface than the Live devices chain can offer.

@lostmybass Thank you for the comprehensive reply.

Then it appears what I'm asking for would be a different (but complementary) device, where the primary focus would be to summarize all track latencies in a sortable order so we don't have to go checking each one — the value of those quickly becomes apparent if you have many tracks and racks, and you added a high-latency plugin (i.e., some noise reducers, FFT effects, etc.) and don't remember where.

And maybe this summary could be activated by clicking a refresh button, so it doesn't flood the Live Undo buffer (I'm familiar with that).

After all, the track with the most latency affects all the others. I wonder who else would find this useful

I would totally find that useful.

To be fair, I usually make devices per group. One essential, simple and easy to use. And another one more complex/complete but not free.

There is already a bigger brother of Ardoise in the make, allowing you to bypass any device of the set by type or name.

I added that feature request to the list. The refresh button is a good idea. I have the undo history issue with one of my devices currently.

It won’t be tomorrow tho :)

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