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Loupe Version 2
Lentille Version 2
Ardoise Version 1.1
Forme Version 2
Carte Version 2
Carnet Version 1.1
Dessin Version 1.0
Croquis Version 1.0

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I would totally find that useful.

To be fair, I usually make devices per group. One essential, simple and easy to use. And another one more complex/complete but not free.

There is already a bigger brother of Ardoise in the make, allowing you to bypass any device of the set by type or name.

I added that feature request to the list. The refresh button is a good idea. I have the undo history issue with one of my devices currently.

It won’t be tomorrow tho :)

Thanks for the compliments :)

It is possible to list the latency of every track and compare them.

But that would be very CPU intensive, and I could see that also hurting the simplicity of the interface.

What Ardoise does is that It calculates the latency of each device of the selected track, updating each 2 seconds.

That would mean constantly scanning for any change inside Live.

That would also mean getting this « undo history bug » that occurs on a lot of Max devices. You know, when you can’t undo…

Overall I think It’s possible but It should be optimized with actual code, and in a bigger interface than the Live devices chain can offer.

Hi, there is no way to make It floating because you can monitor any track FROM this device (with the live menu). And since you can insert the device anywhere, I thought this would be pretty useless.

The LUFS option is not there because the device was thought to use the same FS units as Ableton, and because there is no space left for a LUFS toggle button, I didn't want to over-complicate the interface...

The db units are in RMS, which makes the Delta gain more accurate. If It was in Peak or RMS It would be pretty janky. The goal is to approximately end up with the same loudness as before the FX chain.

Thank you! I wished I could allow you to control the some -70dB up to +36dB gain instead of the track volume.
But since you can control any track, that would be impossible unless you insert Carte in the track you want to control.

Carte doesn't do any actual audio processing and that's why you can insert It anywhere you want.

But I plan to build a simple per-track Utility alternative. I just found no "cool idea" atm so I guess soon :)