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@shroomystic - you can make externals for max- essentially a new object. there are numerous advantages, main one is that they process data (like gen) in audiorate. to simplify, Ableton opens max patches thru max4live and if there is an external that was not compiled for the operating system it can't run it-so the patch doesnt work.

i do not know how to make externals that work on mac nor do i have the time and motivation to figure it out.

@storry24, because i do not understand how externals work on mac and since i am sharing something i've already made for myself (as opposed to looking for profit) it is unreasonable for me to spend time figuring it out.

@freddyfingaz: because the external i made for this device only works on windows.

@shroomystic, i do not think people who could do it have the time and/or interest in this.
i have no online presence apart from unlisted youtube videos and a few groups on facebook so i definitely can't find someone to do this but maybe they wander into this comment section and sort things out xD

@irishmos -sorry but it says WIN only in the description

@larslyd - Thanks! I can't do a mac version because i do not understand how to make my externals mac compatible and i have no time to try and figure it out.

Thanks for the offer shroomystic but the issue lies within the max external i made and i have no idea what i should do to make it mac compatible nor do i have time to figure it out right now.
If things change in the future, I'll post a new device.

sorry irishmos, i stated that it probably only works on win. I'll add to the description to avoid future disappointments.