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4-Track Randomly Subtractive Looper Version 1.4
Randomizing Sampler with Taste Recognition Version 1.0.3
Signal-Based Auto Record Version 1.3
Random Midi Suppression Version
Scale Auto-Detector and Randomizing Filter Version 1.1
Real-Time Midi BPM Detector Version 1.1
Midi Generator Version 1.0
Muse Port Version 1.3
Sequential Transposer Version 1.0

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It's been quite a while since I've used this device but if I remember correctly you can use two detectors at once

Glad to hear it's working on the newest version and yes, my arms have finally recovered, thank you.

Again all I can say is I can keep the improvements in mind, but if I'm being honest I have a long list of priorities right now and upgrades to an old device like this just aren't near the top.

Thanks for the encouragement though. Sometime in the near future I should have some REALLY cool stuff coming out...

Using several headbands at once is no problem. You just need to open multiple iterations of the device and have each headband connected to a different port. Unfortunately I don't have any tutorial videos up; it's something I've been meaning to do for a lot of my devices, but it just hasn't happened yet.

That's a good idea. I'll keep it in mind. I can't make any promises right now though, as I'm dealing with a pretty debilitating arm injury and I'm pretty useless altogether at the moment.

To clarify, when I use the word pop-up here I don't mean the pop-up menus that appear when you click on the circles. I mean the pop-up parameter names that appear when you click on the wires directly.

Unless you buy another device of mine which utilizes the sort of modular inputs and outputs that MIDI Generator does (right now the only one that does is Muse Port), that menu is never going to say anything other than 'no input'. But that doesn't mean you can't map anything you want to the parameters of MIDI Generator manually, in any normal fashion. So for example you could map CC data from your MIDI controller. Or, as mentioned in this device's description, you could put the Envelope Follower device in an audio track, click the map button, then go to the MIDI Generator, click the wire to hold the pop-up in place and click the word 'generative stream' just like you would any other parameter to map to it. This will create MIDI notes based on an audio source.

Does the crash occur when you hit one of the circular buttons, like Clear or Clear All? If so you might try opening up the patch and deleting or disconnecting the [p turnitoff] objects connected to them. Annoyingly, these buttons behave differently when being triggered via mapping rather than being clicked, and have to be manually turned back off (see Maybe their behavior has been updated in Max 7, hopefully for the better? If anybody has any suggestions or information about this idiosyncrasy I'd be glad to hear it.

That I cannot say. I've only used it in Max 6 and it always works fine. I might be able to take a guess if you provided me with more information on the circumstances of the crash.

It's possible, however I'm pretty busy right now and I'm not sure when I'd be able to get to it. I'll be sure to keep it in mind though.

That's what the Memory Span dial is for. It can stick to a scale for 1/8 of a bar or up to 32 bars, or be turned off with the toggle so as to keep a scale indefinitely.

Checkout works for me... Why can't you buy?

Yes, it will recognize any set of pitches and filter the midi of another track to match (although won't call the chords by name or anything like that.)

Just sent out an update.

Sure. You mean as far as the memory span? How about 1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, etc. It probably wouldn't be that useful to have a one or two beat memory span, would it?

Well the idea is you can map anything you want to the different parameters. The parameters are hiding inside the popup windows, which is perhaps a little unintuitive, but what is it you want to get to trigger midi? Whatever it is just map it to the Generative Stream popup.


I implemented your request. I'll be sending out an update momentarily.

Is the Record button clickable at all at this point, or has it been disabled (say, because all 4 tracks are full)? I can try to look into this when i have the chance, but at the moment i'm traveling and don't have access to Live/Max.

Yeah I think I could, although it might be a good week before I can sit down to work as I'm traveling right now.

Btw, if you've got any recordings you've made, I'd love to hear them/link to them!

Thanks for the suggestion; it was easily implemented. Just sent out an update.

Quite possibly, but let me get a better understanding of what you're asking. You're saying you want to have the option of not hearing the incoming signal at all, only hearing it once it begins to loop?

Here are a couple of example recordings made with the looper:

Yeah, that would be ideal. Maybe that is where the [vst~] object is meant to come in? I haven't had a chance to mess around with that one yet.

Btw, I lowered the price of this device to $5 and froze it. It's still editable, there's just one file to deal with now, not two.

It's totally editable. I actually didn't bother to freeze it or anything. (I probably should/will, but even so, go ahead and edit all you want.)

Thanks for the compliments Alpha. I'd love to see Germany; I can leave any time :)

I have certainly thought about randomizing within the constraint of a key or small set of pitches. It's something I will get to at some point, whether with this device or in another.