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About tonymorton: Tony James Morton is an electronic musician and sound artist whose work focuses on real-time systems aesthetics. These systems created have rules and structures, but within the confines of these boundaries there is enough room for improvisation. This allows for a different interpretation each time, creating unique interactions between person and sound. His work has been displayed at; OXO Tower Bargehouse (London, UK) BEAST FEaST 2016/2017 (Birmingham, UK) and Studio 47 (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

‚Äč"As an artist I am fascinated in how we interface and improvise with sound. It's in this case that I enjoy creating my own unique interfaces (or instruments) using both hardware and software. My work focuses on creating, what I like to call, audio/visual systems. These systems have rules, but within those created boundaries is enough room for users to improvise and move around the program how they feel. I like the idea of a piece of work never being interpreted the exact same way twice and these systems allow me this freedom to do so."
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Manual MIDI Mapper Version 1.1
TJM MIDI Velocity Mapper Version 1.0
TJM Mira Faders Version 1.0

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Link doesn't work to this. Could you re-upload please?