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Name | Version: Manual MIDI Mapper 1.1
Author: tonymorton
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: A manual CC MIDI mapper for Ableton.

Based on the M4L expression control. This device lets you manually assign a CC number to an automatable parameter in Ableton, instead of using Live's auto mapping.

It also has a "min/max" value to scale the CC value.

Due to M4L's shortcomings with access to MIDI, the track in which the effect is on must be armed and it's input set to the correct MIDI input.

UPDATE V1.1 Update includes a native MIDI through so you can chain more than one devices together on the same MIDI track.

This device has only been used by me, any bugs or problems, please contact.


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 7.01
Date Added: Mar 18 2015 07:28:59
Date Last Updated: Jun 10 2015 04:24:34
Downloads: 2170
License: None
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Device File: MANUAL MIDI MAPPER 1.1.amxd


Great idea, but it doesn't work with incremental (or relative) encoders.
It could be great to figure out a way to use it with such encoders...
thnx so much!!! now I can map the SoundForce SFC-5 to Ableton-Instruments and save the mappings within the rack ^.^ Hope this smart little tool will work for years to come :) Let me know if i can donate somehow.
There is just one thing which is a bit inconvenient.

When I reopen a project or load a rack, Manual Mapper resets all its values to zero. Because I just use it with the SFC-5 Controller, it's not a big thing. I can send all values of the knobs to ableton at once. Its just that I can't save presets of the Synth. But hey, like this I get a even realer oldschool analog experience ;)

As I wrote, I am really happy with the tool as it is :) thnx again!!!
JGJP-CCmapper12-v2 has the same functionality but doesnt reset the values. so no need for update :)

Hey, nice device. I modified it into a mapper for endless encoders. thanks to your device I just had to add the encoding part.

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