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UNI ID 8 Version 1.0
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with a normal lfo,like the lfo on the core library, if you control a parameter for example, the volume parameter on the operator instrument, this volume parameter is not avaliable anymore,for automations and modulations on arragement view, is grey because it,s controlled by the lfo, even if you disable the lfo, you can,t make automations or modulations of that volume parameter.

i have installed both,but using live 10 with this device.I,m on mac, don,t know if this is important.

Sorry, but i can,t get this working.All i have is the name of your sends.A room, B-Spring,C plate etc... but my actual channels and returns doesn,t appear so i can,t send the audio anywhere.I try with every update until 1.2 and nothings works.I have a screen capture but i can,t upload here.

hello Guillaume ,it seems control change it,s not working,
i,m sending notes and cc control changes from ipad , but i only want cc and if i select cc the cc can,t pass the filter.
Any one has this problem?

Awesome.just curious about the lack of a full ADSR envelope, i can,t get sustain sounds.