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Shaper MIDI Note On only Version 1.0

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@Spin - Hmmmm... that's strange. Unfortunately, I don't think I know enough about M4L to understand why that weird behaviour would be happening. But one thing you could try would be building the device on your own system. By that I mean, taking the Shaper MIDI that came with your Live install and making the small mod do it yourself. Maybe that would make it play nice with your system... In the Max patch all that I did was add a Select object that stops it from banging/triggering on Note Off. (that's also why I don't understand how these other aspects of the patch would be affected). Here's a screenshot so you can see exactly what I did:

I hope that helps! Sorry I don't have a readymade solution.

@kosmik and @Spin - apologies, but the Mapping works as usual on my system so I'm not sure what the problem would be. the change I made to the original patch had nothing to do with mapping so I don't know why it would be affected...