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@maxbowie I made a version that has up 16! Check out "voice splitter pro" on my profile page or website
Hello @huwf,

What about it isn't working? What synth are you using? My guess is you might be using a synth that only has a 7 bit pitch bend input, in which case the pitch bend can only get so smooth.

email and we can go over this more
Sorry for the multiple posts, it kept saying it wasn't going through and I just realized.
Sorry I missed this comment! It works on my computer, sometimes it takes a while to load. What browser and os are you using? Here's a direct link in case anyone else is having this problem
We added these features and more with the latest update! Thanks for your suggestions! contact us through the email on our site if you have any more!
Hmm I cant quite think of a way to successfully do either of those things. I'll give it some thought tho as both ideas sound cool. If you can think of example devices that use similar logic let me know.
@oidar Here's a rough demo! I'm going to try to make a more extensive one soon! This is my first demo video so bear with the cheesy music :)
Thank you so much! I have some more delays coming out soon and some other tools. I wanted to make this one free since its my first release and I wasn't sure if people would find it useful or if there was going to be some glaring error that people would get mad at me for if they bought it. Maybe I'll make a deluxe version of this that costs money since people seem to be liking it.