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Track Flow Create-Change Audio-Midi Track Version 1.5
Track Flow Create-Change Audio-Midi Track 1.5 Version 1.5

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hi cparadisi ,yes, there is no demo for can ask me what you need...greetings!

Hi, friend!!
Yes! everything you say would be spectacular!
With the reddit forum I was banned yesterday, for sharing the link (discarded!)
Anything you can help would be great, this is not for money .. I just think we need more ways of working!
Now I add in the description what you say!
Thanks !!!!!!

discoparadis :
I am going to think about it about the forum, but I would like to know opinions of new functions and I see that there are people who do not understand it, then I like to do some tutorials, but I am out of time.
Here is the info of the m1:
Thanks !!

Hi discoparadis!
I was researching a bit of 11.1 with M1 and Yes, I will have to do an update to make it work well!
Thanks for advising! I had not understood!
Juan cruz

Hi discoparadis!
Thanks for all the beautiful words you say! Haha!
With the beta versions, I would wait a bit for the final to come out ... now I'm at 11.011 and it works fine.
Regarding the forums, I don't like them either, but I think it could be useful for many friends! Cheers !!!

Ey Discoparadis!
Good tip! I am observing that there are many ideas of uses and also ideas of new functions ... what do you think if we make a forum? Facebook or discord?

hahaha!! you killed me! Thanks for all these nice words!
Hug friend!!!!

Hi, friend! First of all, thank you for taking the time to write to me!
You are the ideal user! Great!
I just did the update! if I could see it before !!LOL!
I will fix everything as before!
The name box, I would think that if you delete the "hi" from max and save it, it would work ... but I'm going to try it.

The group and the arm, it is because you are standing in a group that does not have an in off arm, and what the trackflow does is always unarm everything to activate in the new one, but it could solve it that it does not arm when you are in a group!

I will fix it!
Thank you!!! I had missed this !!!
hug friend!
Juan cruz

Hi Monty79!
yeah !! thanks !!!!!

Hi everi
I am going to do some tutorials soon .. But tell me, choose at the moment to record an external instrument and be able to decide quickly if we want audio or midi, isn't it great? For what they do not understand it is like a living Template, they will be able to have everything quickly, so we can concentrate on the only thing that matters, create!
Cheers to all!

Hi kissysellout ! What did you think of this version? did you find any error?
If anyone found something please tell me!