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IFS for monome Version 1.0
Glitch Picture Synth Version 0.3
Frequency Beat Synth Version 1.2
IFS Version 0.0.1

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Thanks for downloading.
it's an instrument,so you need to give it midi notes.
try to open the low pass, put on maximum:q,init gain and volume. the pseudo harmonics are wrong so in the next version i will make it work (the "enable" is on the opposite table so it activates on the wrong oscillator ,sorry).
the H1 and H2 are the number of harmonics and h2 depends on h1 (cross connected).that's all, it works pretty fine for me so i think it's only the combination of parameters you give it that depends on how much or any sound at all.

it works on the principle that the fft calculates always all the sinusoid components of the spectra, this synth uses that principle by giving the amplitude for each sinusoid (because it's discrete it works in reality for each bin) and the amplitudes and the harmonic distance is given by the series that calculates the amplitude for each bin.the parameters regulate theese distances and the consequential amplitudes.



thanks @oisin