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Name/Version: IFS 0.0.1
Author: nomoremrcoffee  
Description: IFS : Inverse Fourier Synthesizer.

I often ask myself, like everyone,what's the real benefit of digital vs analogue.
analogue oscillators and filters sound way so much better,and i personally prefer using what can dsp give you other than controlling/sequencing or infinitely complex and useless "modular" machines?
The Fourier transform of course, so i tried with a personal approach...

The signal can have all the harmonics you want at the cost of only the pfft.

The harmonic content is given by the series
Fi= {[(q)^(i*2N)]/e}*(-1(M))^i
M is a LFO wich you can control by one button. It's a leibniz/geometric series with some changes.

I've put some controls and am willing to give out the source if someone wants to edit it himself.

Future versions:
1.0 total monome64 + arc2 support with built in sequencer and parameter edit for each step (instead of changing the global parameter ,the parameters may will be changed for every step) , an other adsr for a spectral envelope.

2.0* in some future: OSC based communication for solving the series on an other computer (preferably trough SuperCollider) so max resolves only the fft.this also implies the choice of any series imaginable.


1) this works with a 4096 fft with simple phase computing.even if it doesn't bother much a better algorithm is needed.

2) the LP and HP are fft filters,not classic pole filters.

3) This is my personal project , anyone willing to help is welcomed, if you don't like it don't use it.



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Date Added: Feb 23 2014 08:33:08
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Device File: IFS_0.1b.amxd


Tried but I didn't do anything.

Not sure how to get this to work, thought for a moment it was meant to be used as an audio through midi synth/effect, however I not sure I even understand your ideas. Can you explain a bit more?


Thanks for downloading.
it's an instrument,so you need to give it midi notes.
try to open the low pass, put on maximum:q,init gain and volume. the pseudo harmonics are wrong so in the next version i will make it work (the "enable" is on the opposite table so it activates on the wrong oscillator ,sorry).
the H1 and H2 are the number of harmonics and h2 depends on h1 (cross connected).that's all, it works pretty fine for me so i think it's only the combination of parameters you give it that depends on how much or any sound at all.

it works on the principle that the fft calculates always all the sinusoid components of the spectra, this synth uses that principle by giving the amplitude for each sinusoid (because it's discrete it works in reality for each bin) and the amplitudes and the harmonic distance is given by the series that calculates the amplitude for each bin.the parameters regulate theese distances and the consequential amplitudes.



I confirm it doesn't produce any sound.

It lacks the wave I guess, I tried adding one with no success.

Actualy it is not working AT ALL, no sound

I got a lot of interesting sounds from this one but i had to turn the knobs a bit and send midi to make it start! Very nice!

My suggestions for the next version is to incorporate pitchbend, and maybe give the ADSR a look, If you play a note now with the sustain on it never stops, maybe the sustain should indicate a volume, not a period of time?

Anyway thanks for a cool device!

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