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Devices by njazz

nbdxfvbs - noise devices Version 1.0
D16 Version 0.5
GD Version 0.5
attractor delay Version 1.0
FractalDrum I Version 1.0
FractalKick I Version 1.0
midi fx switcher Version 1.0
spiral control Version 1.0
rec toggles monitor Version 1.0
f303 Version 1.1
smooth track volume Version 1.0
GrooveStretch Version 1.0
LorenzLFO Version 1.01
Phawuo S 1.1 Version 1.0
feedshifter Version 1.0
Live Router Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 15,697

Comments by njazz


thanks, that's a good idea to have the possibility to switch the "lfo"s, updated the device now

weird. sorry for that
fixed and updated with env follower

wow! great, thanks for sharing!

great! and thanks for the feedback!

ok, thanks. updated the device, check it now, should work

and forgot to mention one thing - when you first run the device you should press "list" button to get list of the tracks. next time it will remember the chosen track

hmm. weird. yes, should be compatible
what exactly is not working? UI or everything? what's in the Max window when you press 'edit' button?

fixed (hopefuly), message me if that didn't work

oh, sorry, will check that

thanks, hope that it is useful