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About lukastobiassen: Composer and performer of contemporary classical and electronic music.

As part of the "Stipendium für Künstlerinnen und Künstler zum Ausgleich von Nachteilen im Zusammenhang mit dem Ausbruch von Covid-19 im Jahr 2020" I developed the MIDI-Instruments
"COMBPHONIX", "RESONANCY", "StutterKeys" and the Audio-Effect "COMBPHONIX-Audio"
which can be downloaded here and are free to use in your own work.
To hear the effects in action you can soon listen to the piece "Kamm drueber" here:

If used I'd be happy to be mentioned in some way!
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Devices by lukastobiassen

Speed Dial Version 1.0
COMBPHONIX Version 1.11
StutterKeys Version 1.7
COMBPHONIX-Audio Version 1.4
RESONANCY Version 1.2
DCA - VCA --- Gain - Volume Remote Version 1.0
DCA - VCA --- Master Gain - Volume Remote Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 2,738

Comments by lukastobiassen


Hey Lumo,

that indeed sounds like a nice option, thanks for the idea!
I'll include it in future versions.

Best, Lukas