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About invisijp: invisi. is an award winning sound design company that inspire people with music. We make the "Invisibles" visible. We are based in Tokyo, Japan yet we run business worldwide and work with clients borderlessly.

We believe that what matters most in life cannot be seen. Such as faith, soul, and mind, also sound. Our mission is to navigate people to take to heart what is invisible to the naked eye and we will make it possible by designing sounds.
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Devices by invisijp

MultiScratcher Version 1.1
CrazyDistortion Version 1.1
Perspective Stereo Panner Version 1.0
Creative Reversi Version 1.0

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@ Marcus
Thank you for your comment and support.
I appreciate it very much.

@ hangarsliquides

I'm sorry and fixed it.
thank you for finding a mistake.

@morganzw Thanks for your feedback.

Please forgive me for the inconvenience. Also, thank you for your valuable opinions.

MIDI control functionality is currently being implemented and will be updated in the near future. Please wait for the release.

Regarding bugs, the bug you reported did not recur at all here. .. Could you tell us a little more about the situation?

@ Torley, Thanks for your reply.
but, I'm sorry.
There are currently no plans to implement a random preset generator.
However, I would like to incorporate feedback as much as possible, so please wait for the update!

tutorial movie is here.
Sorry, Only Japanese...

Demo video is in production, so wait a little longer....!