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About fuse: fuse* is a studio and a production company that operates in the field of digital arts and design, founded in 2007 with the aim of exploring the expressive potential offered by the creative use of code and digital technologies. Ever since the outset, the studio’s research has focused primarily on creating profound audience engagement, searching for new languages that may heighten the emotional impact of the narrative. Over the course of the years, the studio has grown, thereby allowing for an ever more holistic approach to the creation of new projects. Adopting a modus operandi which valorises pure experimentation and an empirical approach to the creative process, the goal is to push back the limits and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound and movement.
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Devices by fuse

PHYBounce Version 1.0
PHYCollision Version 1.0
Contact Version 1.0
Mutant Version 1.0
PHYElastic Version 1.0
PHYImpact Version 1.0

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hi bcgreen24
i'm sorry for the inconvenience, now, the video is public .

Hi spoofjames, you can use contact with all midi devices

no is hardwired, you can only use the lines of the message

yes, you can explore the message with the "Arecibo row" parameter and create new sequences.