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About encoderaudio: Encoder Audio is a new developer for the M4L platform.

Our target is to bring “west coast” stlye into your Ableton sessions with innovative, unusal and interesting new control, effect and instrument devices.

We would like to give you the highest possible quality, the tightest timing, the best looking and most understandable user interface for the best price.
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Devices by encoderaudio

Fortrek Version 3.04
KR Version 3.05
Turing Machine Version 5.06
Polyrandom Version 5.05
Spektral Version 4.06
MultiPan Version 2.05
PMM Pro Version 2.05
Ninja Version 3.03
Luminist Version 3.03
Tie Version 2.07
Scopium Version 3.07
Mojo Version 2.05
TDP Version 1.04
Morph Version 4.03
PicSeq Version 2.08
ChordMemory Version 2.04
Vortex Version 2.02
Ferro Version 2.08
Bendr Version 2.06
Crunch Version 2.07
Surgeon Version 2.07
Counta Version 2.04
Source Version 3.05
4Seq Version 1.03
PeakShelf Version 1.03
Yash Version 1.04
Ping Version 1.02
Drunk Version 1.01
Binary Version 2.01
Click Version 1.01
Slope Version 1.01
rEQ Version 1.02
Bricks Version 2.03
ES25 Version 1.02

Total Downloads: 32

Comments by encoderaudio



Woh, so many great questions. Mail me mate, I'd love the extend this conversation.
I've used it mostly on classic breakbeats (like amens) when I produced drum and bass.
These days, I drop it onto hihats, claps or full drumloops, just to "spice them up" a bit.

Got the same problems, no grid and velocity, also, the extension button is missing, I think you'd forgot to freeze the device.
Could we chat in private?

That is genius!


Trust me, this is an amazing pack!!!

Instant 5 stars!
For me, device of the month!

@bcm70 : now I can download, I'll test it later.
Can we talk VIA mail?
I'm really interested in this project as I love my old Ultra and would use it much more if I could "avoid" some of those encoder rolls :D

A bit confused.
Trying to use it as it should be, but can't insert it to Live at all, do not know why, first time that Live "rejects" a device.
Max 7 or 8 won't open it either...
So, can't really use it.

Really interested, I have an E6400 Ultra, but can't get this work.
Can't really open...I mean, I can't use it under Live, can't open it with Max 8 or Max 7...

Sorry, link direction was wrong, fixed it!

Honestly, the most smart idea so far!
I'll take a look. Can I reach you privately?

Love the design!!!

Thats awesome :D

Simply awesome!