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Ferine Synthesizer Version 2.2
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valence FM Version 1.2
valence FM percussion module Version 1.0
DS Valence FM Version 1.0
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@aml did you hit play on Live's transport first? it's not going to do anything if there's no running clock.

The randomizer can't really do "amount" - it would take a fair bit of programming to do that. I can tell you how it works, though:

The rand == all button sends a bang that triggers several random number generators, each tailored to the range of the control it's randomizing. In some cases, the output of the random number generator is scaled exponentially, in the event that the control is also (somewhat, more or less) logarithmic in scale.

What *would* probably be useful is being able to turn off the random for some things - like the envelopes, or the envelope amount levels. That seems to wreak the most havoc on coming up with sounds within a certain scope.

Yeah, I'm actually missing it (the filter section) too. I think it'll balance out the Push mapping as well, as there's an odd number of controls right now. Next version, though it'll be a few weeks.

gotcha. well, drop me a line here - you've given invaluable feedback on my previous work, and, great to hear you're getting some good use out of Ferine!

Hmm, maybe I didn't implement it correctly? A fair number of dials have exponent values, but I'll admit they were assigned based on my personal tastes.

I did just notice that I have different exponent values for the cutoffs (missed that in QA) - 4 and 3. The decays and cutoffs have an exponent of 2, and the LFO freq rates 2.666. If there are values that are a bit more standard, or preferable, let me know.

Great news - the buffer issue has been solved. It was a number box I'd left in the project that got updated on every key press. Thankfully, I didn't have to change anything to fix it.

@Anivia - thanks!

Next update will include mod wheel implementation, and some improved routing for Push and other controllers.

ah, thanks! I'll check these out and get a fix in soon.

alright, tomorrow I'll have a couple more features:

1. Parameter lock - edit any parameter on OSC 1 (red), and all the other oscillators will follow.

2. Stacked voice mode, where all four OSCs trigger at once.

3. Master volume control (most useful for situation #2).