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About daisukekawashima: Artist / Sound Designer in Tokyo
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MultiGlitchr v2 Version 2.0
Wobblr v3 Version 3.0
Aliasingr v1 Version 1.0
Swingr Version 2.0
Apertur Version 3.0
Scrumblr Version 2.0

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Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late reply.
This plugin has been tested on Live9 and Live10.
Also, due to the nature of the plug-in, it will take some time before the sound comes out. (Because it is a buffer effect, it behaves like a delay.)

If the problem persists, a refund is available.
We hope you have read the Gumroad FAQ.

Thank you for your comments.
OK, This plug-in can also reproduce tape wow & flutter FX.
Please wait for next demo movie(now in production)

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