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Name/Version: MultiGlitchr v2 2.2
Author: daisukekawashima  
Description: MultiGlitchr is a playable effects device. Although it is an audio effect, it is agile and responsive to parameter changes.

From glitch effects to chorus effects, there are as many effective uses as you can imagine.

Please watch below demo movie.

NEWTIPS! 2020/11/25

Tips for Multiglitchr & Wobblr

(Recommended: Ableton Live 10 or later)

・Release v2.2

・Compatible Check at Live11!

・Release v2
・UI change
・Push2 Optimize
・Automation name fixed (session mode)
・font change
・color optimize for Live10.1
・add “transient” FX

・Release v1

Device Details

Tags effect, glitch, other, push
Live Version Used: 11.1.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.6
Date Added: Jul 17 2019 07:46:59
Date Last Updated: Nov 18 2023 04:22:04
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


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I own multiglitchr, scrumblr, apertur, and swingr which all has been listed as updated on the 25th of march, but all the files on gumroad still has the same names as before and nothing is coming up in my gumroad library?

Thank you for using it! The update is due to a price revision. There are no changes to the device. We will update the device soon.

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