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Thanks for trying this out.

Hard to tell from the post what might be up. Might be easier if we do a walkthrough together.
email at ct [at] and include any screenshots of your setup?



One further thing: I'm not sure if Live supports toggle on/off capability for triggering clips via MIDI. You might be better off putting your sound into a Drum Rack at a specific note and then using TriggerFinger to simply send notes to this track through the virtual MIDI bus as described in the Users Guide.


Once the device is outputting MIDI it's easy to map these messages in Live to whatever you want using Live's great MIDI-mapping capability.

Make sure, as per the Users Guide, you have your virtual MIDI bus that TriggerFinger is sending to set-up to receive on "Remote" Input (The guide also specifies "Track" Input for sending midi for playing instruments on other tracks).

Then, simply MIDI map the clip you want to play to the note you want to use. This is most easily done using some other MIDI device (e.g. a keyboard). More on MIDI-mapping Live in the "Manual Mapping" section here:

Then when TriggerFinger triggers a MIDI note on the channel corresponding to the note/channel you MIDI mapped your clip to, it will trigger it just like any other MIDI event would.

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no.

Thanks for letting me know about " Clyphx Snap Clip" - looks interesting. I will see if this functionality can be incorporated in subsequent versions. I think there would still be some outstanding questions as to what of all midi mapped parameters you might want to store from within the entire set.

Yes, this device does not require the set to be playing at all and doesn't use clips at all. Also, it's able to send note and controller messages not associated with midi-mappable parameters too, e.g. for playing instruments on other tracks.


A common problem is setting up the virutal MIDI buffer.

Feel free to write me at ct [at] with some screen shots and I can try and get you there.


All great questions!

Answers below and check out

for this info and more too.

"How many notes can your "coll" fit?"

I don't know of any upper bound on this. The amount of memory is trivial so unless coll itself has some arbitrary constraints I'd be surprised there'd be any practical ceiling here. I've personally used > 100 pitches myself.

That said, in practice, it's almost always more practical to keep these cycles smaller and more manageable. This is why the device supports breaking songs into different "cue" sections. That way you can organize your songs into more manageable cycles. From a live performance standpoint (the purpose of my devices) what if you get "off" by one while performing one of these cycles? Better that you're not off for the entire work and just a smaller section. Organization is key.

"in some situations you want a "dumb" velocity--always the same velocity"

So true.Too much velocity sensitivity can be super annoying. This device allows you to choose a range that maps input level to the 0-127 velocity range. You could use this to effectively pin the velocity to 127, then use M4L's built in velocity device to scale this to whatever you like. Note, you could use this second step for your instrument too - just use a "fixed" velocity in the utility provided with Live and send your notes to it.

I agree it would be good to add direct support for just fixing the velocity w/o going through these steps. Great though for the next version - thanks!