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Name/Version: SuperConductor 2.0
Author: ctignor  
Description: Now for 64-bit!

Total Set Recall...and more...

Instead of being the technician, be the musician.

Let SuperConductor remix your entire set in an instant with total recall of all MIDI mapped parameters at a single pedal press.

It tweaks fader levels, adjusts reverb sends, turns on and off devices, fires off clips - anything that can be MIDI mapped is instantly recalled.

Later in the song, fire off a melody to multiple instruments while cranking the gain and compression on your synth input with the next pedal push.

SuperConductor reworks your entire set on the fly so you can keep playing the music.

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Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.11.6
Max Version Used: 7.3.6
Date Added: Feb 26 2016 22:47:04
Date Last Updated: Aug 05 2019 02:00:42
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


Is there a way to incorporate a snapshot feature into this device so that the user does not need to manually enter all the parameter values into superconductor, but rather press a button and have the current state of mixer/device/play settings all recorded at once? It can be done with a Clyphx Snap Clip, but was looking for a way to manage presets more elegantly than with a non-playing track...

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no.

Thanks for letting me know about " Clyphx Snap Clip" - looks interesting. I will see if this functionality can be incorporated in subsequent versions. I think there would still be some outstanding questions as to what of all midi mapped parameters you might want to store from within the entire set.

Yes, this device does not require the set to be playing at all and doesn't use clips at all. Also, it's able to send note and controller messages not associated with midi-mappable parameters too, e.g. for playing instruments on other tracks.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, Clyphx has specific nomenclature for the scope of automation you want saved, and for the specific tracks/devices you want included. It accomplishes this both through the action names and the accepted modifiers.
Might be worth looking into creating a max shell for certain actions to be saved to the device itself. Or alternatively seeing if the delineators in a saved snap clip could be understood from within the text file in SuperConductor...

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