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Fold Version 1.0
Microtone Toolkit - SCL edition Version 1.0
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please make sure that the given .maxpat file is put in the same folder to the m4l device... right-click at the device in Live's browser and show that in Finder/Explorer then see if Microtone_VoiceAllocator.maxpat is there.... if not, get it from the downloaded pack and move it there...

Sorry to hear you are struggling to install this properly... If this does not fix it, you can email my by replying the email from CodeNote


The given pack has a voice receiver module, put it after the device and before the synth,

Also if you stack multiple pairs of voiceReceiver-synth, you make it polyphonic


If the download does not satisfy you, please email me by replying the email from CodeNote. I will give you a refund.

It is indeed the same method to Retune for Live, but as an improvement, I made voice allocation fully automatic, saving 2 clicks per voice allocation.

For CPU optimization, try to keep your number of polyphony voices at the synthesizer to 1.

Thank YOU!!