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Fold Version 1.0
BendRibbon Version 1.1
Floating Keyboard Version 1.0
Reassign White Keys Version 1.0
Microtone Toolkit MPE edition Version 1.31
Microtone MPE Detune128 Version 1.31
XY Strummer Version 1.0

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@psrb125712 @basskeytar

The latest update today (1.31), I have fixed the MPE aftertouch data to pass through. It's technically a major fix simplifying the algorithm so problably other unknow or known bugs will be gone too. Apologize for being late this time. And thank you for your support!

@psrb125712 I have fixed the issues about pitch bend data not passing through in MPE Detune12 and MPE Detune128

@psrb125712 Thank you for your valuable response, it is a long list (which is good) and it is going to take time to check all that, but I will asap.

@Helder Thank you for your suggestion. The pitch bend data is passed through in MPE version, but really cannot pass the bend data in legacy version due to architectural issue.

@Blerk The bus has been fixed. The pitch bend in MPE SCL loader is now working! Thank you for your precise feedback.

@Blerk thank you for your information! I will get if fixed within 2 days and email you the update