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Name | Version: Microtone Toolkit MPE edition 1.31
Author: codenote
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Microtone Toolkit MPE edition add MPE compatibility to the original Microtone Toolkit for using with Ableton Live version 11 and MPE synthesizers (Wavetable, Simpler, Sampler, Serum etc.)

The original toolkit is a workaround kit that, when used with instrument rack, allows microtuning for any synthezier in polyphony.

Now that Ableton Live 11 support MPE, microtuning is now the easiest. All you need is Microtone Toolkit MPE edition, and you won't have to do the workaround no more!

This Toolkit comes with 6 design interfaces and Microtone SCL Loader ($20), which can read any .scl file, a tuning file format whose database is now at 5000+ scales and increasing... all for free! The 6 design interfaces for approaching microtonal tuning for 6 different purposes are:

1. Microtone: nTET

2. Microtone: n-TET12

3. Microtone: Centi12

4. Microtone: Just12

5: Microtone: Detune12

6: Microtone: Detune128

Important update NOTE!!! The update from V1.3 to 1.31 is important! It now allows aftertouch data to be passed through in MPE devices!


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Nov 18 2020 15:43:17
Date Last Updated: Apr 17 2021 03:29:25
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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there seems to be a problem with the Microtone MPE - SCL loader. No matter which scale I choose, I always get some variation of 12edo. Not allways in the order like i play it on the keyboard, but there is never pitchbend added. The other MPE-devices work just fine in the same setup. If i change the MPE-SCL loader for the regular one it also works. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
@Blerk thank you for your information! I will get if fixed within 2 days and email you the update
@Blerk The bus has been fixed. The pitch bend in MPE SCL loader is now working! Thank you for your precise feedback.
Thanks for the fast reply and for the superfast bugfix! Everything works flawless now and really improves my workflow.

Great devices! In my opinion the best way to implement microtonality to Ableton Live. Documentation is also great.
I love it, it is very well implemented, and with the MPE implementations in Live it should be even better. However, one thing that is missing - and I see this often in retuning software - is the inability to pass through pitch bend data to bend microtonal notes from their center. Modulation wheel data passes through ok, but pitchbend data is filtered out and I don’t think it has to be. A microtonal note can still bend upwards and downwards and return to its microtonal center at pitchbend zero. Maybe you could implement this? This would make this the perfect solution for microtonality in Live from all the options I have come across. Thanks.
Hi, Codenote - I'll add to the comment from Helder on January 01 2021.

I also love it, and how easy it is to load and create scale files. This is really a valuable tool.

I (finally) got access to the Abelton Live 11 Beta and am working with the MPE support in it and a beta of an app for MPE support from a QuNeo controller. I'm using the Live 11.0b.30 release candidate build I loaded Waveform sound Organ Plus, which responds nicely to the 4 dimensions of MPE input on all of the 4 MPE columns in the Waveform device (i.e Velocity, Note PB, Slide, Pressure). The visual "meters" at the top of each column show which column is receiving data. I've confirmed that the set-up for the Multitone MPE devices correctly matches the PB range in both Waveform and in the QuNeo MPE app.

I'm seeing issues in most of theMicrotone MPE devices, and it's not just the note pitch bend data (Note PB) that is being filtered out.

Based on the Waveform device, I understand there are 4 MPE data dimensions: (initial) note Velocity, Note PB (pitch bend per note, aka the X-axis on the MPE contoller), Slide (ie CC I 74 or the Y-axis on the contoller) and Pressure (i.e. after touch) - in the Waveform MPE tab the meters on the 4 columns show when each kine of MPE data is reaching the device to manipulate the sound.

1) With the Microtone MPE device disabled, I can see all the "meters" on all 4 columns respond to input from my QuNew and QuNeo MPE app as a control surface in MPE mode, and hear the changes expected for all 4 MPE dimensions.

2) With almost of the Microtone MPE devices, some or all of the columns do not respond... it's not just Note PB but the others which are not consistently passed through and really need to be.

Randomly, one or two notes will respond, but it is not consistent and usually the exception to the rule.

Here's what I'm seeing:
These work - all 4 columns show activity and the sound is manipulated as expected for all 4 MPE dimensions:
- Just12 works nicely, just with the note bases detuned (or I should say, tuned properly to Just tuning :-).
- NTet
- NTet12
These have issues with 1 or more of the MPE dimensions:
- Cent12 - Velocity responds, sometimes Pressure (not consistently). I only get occasional, random responses from Note PB and Slider changes when pressing and holding multiple notes and wiggling some of them around (but for the most part, there's no activity for Note PB or Slider meters on single notes)
- Detune 12 - Velocity and Pressure work I can't get any Note PB or Slider responses
- Detune 128 - I see the device responding (the blue highlight indicating the note / octave I'm pressing on the controller) but I'm am not getting any sound. I've tried with default 0 values and other values on the grid
- SCL Loader - similar to Cent12. Velocity responds, sometimes Pressure (not consistently). I only get occasional, random responses from Note PB and Slider changes when pressing and holding multiple notes and wiggling some of them around (but for the most part, there's no activity for Note PB or Slider meters on single notes)

There's still good value in the Microtone MPE devices, but if you are able to fix these issues this will be a truly outstanding toolkit!
Thanks, Chris
@Helder Thank you for your suggestion. The pitch bend data is passed through in MPE version, but really cannot pass the bend data in legacy version due to architectural issue.
@psrb125712 Thank you for your valuable response, it is a long list (which is good) and it is going to take time to check all that, but I will asap.
@psrb125712 I have fixed the issues about pitch bend data not passing through in MPE Detune12 and MPE Detune128
Wow @codenote! That was fast - thanks!

I’ve checked out the updates for MPE Detune12 and MPE Detune128 and they are working much better.

I’m now having a couple of odd issues with Detune128 though:

1) When I set a value and press a pad on my controller (in the middle of the pad is NotePB = 0), the tuning is not changed until I release the note.
For example, if I set C2 to -100 and D2 to +100, I heard a standard C2 when I first play it, but when I release I hear the note slide down to C2-100. Likewise, D2 slides up to D2+100

2) The QuNeo has square note pads, so it’s easy to hit the extreme left or right of the Note PB range

- when I press on a tuned note using the extreme left or right of the pad hear (for example, C2), I hear the correct adjusted tuning for the note (C2-100) but without Note PB applied, which seems incorrect.
I’d expect the initial note to be C2-100-48 when C2 is pressed on the left extreme and the PB ranges are all 48, or D2+100+48 when D2 is pressed on the extreme right side.

- when I slide from the edge to the center, there’s a quick PB sound applied but the center of the pad correctly plays the tuned note (C2-100) without Note PB applied, as expected

- when I slide back from the center to the edge I correctly hear the tuned note plus Note PB applied (ex. C2-100-48 when playing C2 and sliding to the left, or D2+100+48 playing D2 and sliding to the right

Hello! I bought the kit a week ago. It's really cool :)
But I have a problem, it seems like MPE pressure data is not being passed through?

On a separate note, is there any mfl device you would recommend to visualise different TETs on my novation launchpad?

@psrb125712 @basskeytar

The latest update today (1.31), I have fixed the MPE aftertouch data to pass through. It's technically a major fix simplifying the algorithm so problably other unknow or known bugs will be gone too. Apologize for being late this time. And thank you for your support!
Great to see new feedback and updates on this thread! Thank you!
I can attest that pitchbend and controller data now passes through the device, except only on the MPE edition. This is a shame, as I mostly use the previous edition to control a hardware monophonic synth.
Another thing that I have noticed: when I use the Microtone device to play my monosynth, when I play legato it does NOT retune the new note! I.e. if I hold a note and play another without releasing the first, it does not retune the new note but maintains the pirchbend data from the previous note. Thisnis not ideal. Can this be changed? It is essential to play monosynths correctly, to add glides etc. Again (hope it was clear!): if I play a note, release it, and then play another, there is no problem, they play at the intended microtones. But if I play legato it does not retune the new note so it plays at the incorrect pitch for that scale. Only when I release the first before playing the second it plays the correct pitch. I have changed priority settings etc in the synth but it seems to be a problem with the Microtona device. Please also note that the monosynth only recieves in one midi channel.
Otherwise it works great, but for microtonal acida lines legato playing is essential!
Thank you.
I managed to solve this problem: "Another thing that I have noticed: when I use the Microtone device to play my monosynth, when I play legato it does NOT retune the new note! I.e. if I hold a note and play another without releasing the first, it does not retune the new note but maintains the pitchbend data from the previous note" - you simply cannot group a Microtone Device (e.g. SCL Loader) and the Voice Reciever (non-MPE version) together, this will create the error. Just keep them separate and it should work fine.
But - my monosynth (Toraiz AS-1) still does not recieve legato information from midi passing through the Microtone Device. If the device is off it plays legato fine, but if it is on, the envelope gets retriggered everytime. I tried to change all the settings in my synth (note priority, etc.) but it does not work, it always retriggers the envelope. It seems to be something that the Microtne device does internally, how it treats notes played in legato mode for monosynths (1 channel).
First, great devices! Second, hope you are doing well Codenote. Third, is it possible to automate the cents tuning in Just12?
Hi there - I really love these tools! One glitch I'm noticing with the SCL loader though is that if I load a full 128 note scale and save the session, it will always default back to a twelve note scale. IT's odd because it seems to include the first 12 values of the 128 notes, but the scl file loaded has different name. To fix this I have to reload the scala file every time i load it, on every instance of the tuner in all tracks.

Am I missing something in how I load them? I've just been using the 'add scl' button. The 'add folder' button seems not to do anything. Thanks!

I'm running ableton 11.2.10

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